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Vendetta not canceling previous attack moves

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  • Vendetta not canceling previous attack moves

    The hero maintains attack command after vendeta is ussed

    I am on attack ground right, so I use Vendetta to get out. But unfortunately the hero autoattacks a creep before I could move him away

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    Its Intented.


    • #3
      This is a different thing man

      Or needs tweaking

      I'm not saying break an attack command when im moving toward that unit

      But if I'm autoattacking shit, and cast vendeta, No way in hell that autoattack should continue


      • #4
        While I agree that casting vendetta should stop him from his current attack action, it's not really that hard to issue a move command away first before casting vendetta.
        Here's my dotabuff profile in case anyone's interested:


        • #5
          and that tells the enemy where you're heading, plus it takes more time, 2 actions isntead of one, and the possibility to click on a unit when trying to move away


          • #6
            I tested Bounty's Shadow Walk and Skeleton walk from Clinkz and they work the same way where they will let an attack order continue. It seems like the behavior between all three abilities should be consistent.


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              Originally posted by EricTams View Post
              I tested Bounty's Shadow Walk and Skeleton walk from Clinkz and they work the same way where they will let an attack order continue. It seems like the behavior between all three abilities should be consistent.
              The link Seeder posted refers to attack ground after casting invis walk spells. That's fine.

              However, I think OP is saying invis walk (or atleast vendetta) is not cancelling attack order issued before casting the spell.

              I just tested in Dota1.

              Attack ground near target OR attack on the target itself
              -> while proceeding to target -> cast vendetta -> goes near target but does not attack
              -> proceed to target -> cast vendetta while attacking -> stops attacking the hero and remains invisible

              So all invis walk spells should follow this procedure. Casting the spell should cancel out any attack order given previously; be it a+target or a+ground.

              The recent change linked above should work only after casting the spell in question.

              edit: confirming same behavior as above for BH's too. Didn't test bone but should be same.
              Last edited by CvP; 07-26-2012, 12:58 PM.


              • #8
                Someone retest this in latest test client and open a new thread if the behavior does not match with what I posted above.