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[Confirmed] Attack-move still bugged if invi skill has fade time

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  • Dota2Critic
    I think in wC3 even the attack during the fade is canceled , i.e. you see attack animation but no dmg is dealt (I remember this from storm panda with brew master)... like even if manually attacked during the fade time. right? (long ago maybe forgot)

    but i think manual attack during phase should break invis and do the bonus dmg instead

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  • ThoAppelsin
    There is a [Duplicate] of this issue on the List (Low #94).
    Actually, this is the duplicate, but the other thread is limited with the Shadow Blade. So I think it's better to keep this one instead.

    And I want to add that this doesn't have to be done that so instantly as it's being shown on the video.
    You can reproduce it by attacking a dummy unit, for example, with Bounty Hunter by attack-ground, and then cast Shadow Walk. The Shadow Walk should hold you from doing further attacks, but it's not.
    To observe the true Expected Results, one can try the same with Nyx Assassin.

    Current Result:
    Expected Result:

    And, Invoker's Ghost Walk can be added next to the Nyx Assassin's Vendetta as a further example. They behave the same.

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  • blash365
    added to sticky.

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  • Zath
    It should be fixed, I'm not disagreeing I'm just looking at why it is currently bugged the way it is.

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  • adrianlegg
    You can watch Kotl - he finishes attack, then turns invi, then attacks again. Second attack should not happen.

    Devs already spoke it should be consistent.

    I'm just saying it's not.
    It will be way easier, when players "have to" remember: 'using invi skill doesn't make my hero autoattack', then 'using invi skill doesn't make my hero autoattack IF .... and .... and....'.

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  • Zath
    It looks like the attack is starting during the fade time and that is why you uninvis, for Clinkz at least.
    Last edited by Zath; 07-26-2012, 04:55 PM.

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  • [Confirmed] Attack-move still bugged if invi skill has fade time

    At first - great that this old issue is being solved!

    * If You attack-ground near hero, and Your invi does not have fade time (seems only NA)
    - it will be changed to normal move-ground.

    * if You have fade time (clinkz, bh, weaver, any hero with shadowblade)
    - You will attack out of it (and it's bad!)

    I thought it's duration of fade based, or range based, because if You are really far away it won't happen (fade time until attack point?) but I have no real data to find explanation.

    But it's still on nevertheless, and I think it should be fixed, so that when You cast invi based skill even with fade time, it becomes move-ground instead of attack-ground. (this snaping out of lothar was reported half year ago, and it's always nice to fix old bugs!!

    Proof: (all heroes have att-ground, then invi, nothing else)

    (i tested weaver as well, but it's not on the movie, behaves same as fade-based invi heroes)