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[Fixed] Spiked Carapace triggering on HP-Removal

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  • [Fixed] Spiked Carapace triggering on HP-Removal

    Is Spiked Carapace supposed to proc on Heartstopper ticks?

    Edit: For reference, Dispersion from Spectre does not proc Spiked Carapace either. So I would assume that it is a bug, as abilities that does not put Blink Dagger on cooldown, shouldn't trigger Spiked Carapace either. I don't know, though. Hence why I ask -- and I am unable to test it in WC3.
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  • #2
    I'm not sure about Dispersion, but Heartstopper shouldn't (unless perhaps for the killing blow) since it is HP Removal.


    • #3
      That's what I figured. It does currently, though. Whether it is a killing blow or not, it will proc it in the next tick.

      I tested Dispersion myself, and it does not trigger the skill.
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      • #4
        moved to main section and added to sticky, what about other HP-Removal spells?
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        • #5
          it procs on emp, wave of terror and nightmare. Fatal bounds works fine. Is there other hp removals? (btw there is a bug with invoker about EMP, it says damageure, but should be "Direct HP removal if the target will not die from the hit, else Magic", and it shouldnt disable blink dagger)


          • #6
            But if it is supposed to trigger on anything that isn't HP-Removal, how come it doesn't activate on Dispersion damage?

            Also Soul Rip side-targets trigger Spiked Carapace as well. Although I am not entirely sure if that is defined as HP-Removal or not.
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            • #7
              Soul Rip side-targets shouldn't trigger it (they are HP Removal, or should be).

              I don't know why Dispersion isn't triggering it. Could be an intended fix, of course, since Spectre has no control over her ability to hit NA with it, but I do not know for sure.


              • #8
                Anyone can test if Urn triggers it? I am unable to test anything at the moment.
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                • #9
                  Lmao so that's why Necrolyte kept absorbing all my stuns. Never really thought about it.. good find.