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[Fixed] Keeper of the Light skills get scrambled, two on R

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  • [Fixed] Keeper of the Light skills get scrambled, two on R

    Hey all,

    Just came out of a game paying KoTL and after a pretty hectic teamfight (I think I ulted, got stunned, killed) then when I respawned my W and E skills where on the Q and W slots (with respective keybind) and Q had been teleported to the last slot, ult on the slot before, and two empty spots before that. Both Ult and Q skill had R assigned, but I could only use Q (using R). Dying again didn't reset my skills.

    Match ID:

    Hope it's an easy fix! Keep the good job

    Screenshot I took shortly after respawning, hadn't realized yet that Q was on the last slot and could be used:
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    funny bug I was able to repro that. It happens when KotL get killed by Nether ward, will test for other heroes with blank skills bit later.

    edit: tested with rubick - everything works fine, so it's only KotL bug
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      k, added to sticky.
      does he have to be in spirit form when dying for this bug to happen?
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        Originally posted by blash365 View Post
        k, added to sticky.
        does he have to be in spirit form when dying for this bug to happen?
        no, bug only appears when he in normal form, all works normal with ulti on

        and there is another bug about kotl and nether ward, i will create new thread about it

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          This one probaby got fixed. It would be nice if someone could check if it happens with the same Nether Ward & Illuminate repro...


          Nevermind, tested, still bugged.
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            Bug's still there. Happened to me yesterday on live, match ID 202041470, at 22 minutes in.


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              same happened to me i did'nt notice this bug in bug list so i posted in new thread


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                happened to me yesterday... still not fixed


                • #9
                  still not fixed, happened to me yesterday


                  • #10
                    As of 6.81 this bug is now fixed and can be removed from the sticky.


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                      Originally posted by Baldazar View Post
                      As of 6.81 this bug is now fixed and can be removed from the sticky.
                      bunny will go throw the list, once changes are in main client
                      If you find spelling errors, you are free to take them.