I noticed tidebringer (Kunkka's passive) was triggering the visual from kraken shell, while cleave does not.

Repro steps:

1) Pick kunkka and level tidebringer
2) -createhero tidehunter enemy I did this 5 times, one target to hit and 4 levels of kraken shell
3) position them in a way where you hit them all
4) open the combat log and check


Kraken shell reduces the damage taken (seen in combat log, and on tidebringer bringing up the "damage blocked" visual on tide)

Tidebringer vs Kraken Shell.jpgTidebringer vs Kraken Shell Combat Log.jpg

Expected Results:

Cleaves are not blocked by damage block

Sven Cleave vs Kraken Shell.jpg

Edit: So I did test tidebringer in DotA 1, absolutely no block, that is all tidehunters have exactly the same HP no matter what level of kraken shell. Should probably get moved to gameplay bugs

EDIT: all cleaves are blocked (I have editted this post to reflect this change)
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