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Rikimaru backstab

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  • Rikimaru backstab

    In dota 1, backstab was applied first before the attack starts thus allowing you to deal damage without attacking. In dota 2 this is changed however, this may be a small thing, but still a bug is a bug.

    Repro Steps :
    1) pick rikimaru, level up backstab
    2) go to an enemy creep and spam S while attacking the creep.

    Results : nothing happens, rikimaru just cancels it's attack animation

    Expected results : Backstab damage should be done.

  • #2
    obviously an intended fix, he should not deal damage without attacking.


    • #3
      hope it's not a bug, and a fix instead.


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        • #5
          Confirming that this is a fix.
          In DotA 1, you couldn't detect an attack hitting (without running into orb/buff placing issues), so the damage was dealt at the beginning of an attack.


          • #6
            HURRAY FOR FIXES!
            Doing a great job Valve!


            • #7
              [Need testing] Backstab and evade

              Bonus damage from Backstab can't be evaded.

              Bonus damage from Backstab is currently being evaded in dota 2


              • #8
                It's related to the fact that it now is added directly to your attack rather than being triggered when the attack begins. It could be an intended fix, but it means:
                1. You can't spam attacks without hitting them to apply the backstab damage (probably intended)
                2. You can evade backstab
                3. You can't reduce it separately with damage block
                4. It counts as 1 damage instance for meld/spiked carapace.
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                • #9
                  I can recall a game from me, playing bounty hunter. I tried to hit PA out of windwalk. However the first hit failed(due to blur) so I stayed invis and got the backstab on the 2nd hit. I do not know if that is intended.


                  • #10
                    Also this can be changed to confirmed or intended (probably intended), I tested it previously as part of this.
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                      we just played a game with bounty against phantom assassin.. 3 times miss on first hit. Match ID: 31246619
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                        added to sticky.
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                          In my opinion remove this or add sb's bash not able to proc on misses here from intended fix list. You can't have one in each, it doesn't make sense. (Low 145)
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