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[Confirmed]Phantom Assassin Phantom Strike Buff Longer than 3 Seconds?

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  • [Confirmed]Phantom Assassin Phantom Strike Buff Longer than 3 Seconds?

    On Dota2Wiki and Play-Dota the PA Phantom Strike buff is listed as having a max time of 4 attacks or 3 seconds duration. However in the replay parse I am looking at, Match ID 35891306, the timestamps on when the buff starts and stops has many instances of the buff lasting over 3 seconds ( it looks like 4 seconds is max duration ). Was this ability buffed or is this change unintentional? -- Dota 2 Stats for the Professional Scene

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    hmmmm interesting potential bug...
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    • #3
      Yeah, I confirm this. Easily reproducible.

      [00:55.49] Phantom Assassin receives Phantom Strike buff from Phantom Assassin.
      [00:55.73] Phantom Assassin hits Wisp for 48 damage (473->425).
      [00:59.53] Phantom Assassin loses Phantom Strike buff.
      The maximum duration should be 3 seconds, not 4.

      The strikes are alright, the buff lasts for 4 strikes:

      [04:01.75] Phantom Assassin receives Phantom Strike buff from Phantom Assassin.
      [04:01.92] Phantom Assassin hits Wisp for 36 damage (1052->1016).
      [04:02.35] Phantom Assassin hits Wisp for 34 damage (1016->982).
      [04:02.72] Phantom Assassin hits Wisp for 36 damage (982->946).
      [04:03.12] Phantom Assassin loses Phantom Strike buff.
      [04:03.12] Phantom Assassin hits Wisp for 34 damage (946->912).


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        Sounds like the whole duration tick bug again...
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          What "duration tick bug"?

          I don't know such a thing...
          If you are talking about the ones with BlackHole/Fiend'sGrip/Frostbite things, they are completely different, and not relevant to this issue.


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            ^there was a bug DoT dealing 1 more tick of damage... but that was not the same case i think


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              Added to sticky.
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              -Read the Bug Posting Guidelines on how to report a bug properly.


              • #8
                Phantom Strike duration 4s instead of 3s

                According to changelogs, 3 seconds bonus attack speed duration has never been changed since implemented at 6.60
                But in dota2 buff lasts for 4 seconds instead.
                Trying to reborn old WC3 Doto