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[Confirmed] Riki Smoke Bomb Not Instantly Silencing

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  • [Confirmed] Riki Smoke Bomb Not Instantly Silencing


    Silence from Riki's Smoke Screen should prevent Lycan from using his ultimate after coming out of Shadow Demon's Disruption, but it does not.

    Repro Steps:
    1. Use Shadow Demon's Disruption on Lycan
    2. Drop Riki's Smoke Screen on the Disruption
    3. Spam the everloving crap out of Lycan's Ultimate and get away

    Lycan's Ultimate is cast after coming out of Disruption, unprevented by the AoE silence effect of Riki's Smoke Screen. Calls of "man, that's total bullshit" go out on Skype.

    Expected Result:
    When Lycan comes out of Disruption he should be silenced from Riki's Smoke Screen, rendering him unable to cast his Ultimate and get away. It would appear the silence effect isn't applied fast enough.

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    I tried reproducing this by only using Rikimaru and Lycan. Tried blinking in a Smokescreen and casting Shapeshift by shift-queuing. I couldn't manage to do that.

    However, I reproduce the exact same by disrupting Lycan with Shadow Demon, and casting Smokescreen with Riki and then spamming R on Lycan to Shapeshift immediately. I was successful on my every try.
    And then tried the same with Disruptor's Ultimate, instead of Riki's Smokescreen. Again, I could manage to shapeshift with ease by spamming R right before the Disruption ends.

    By far, I think this issue is about Shadow Demon's Disruption, rather than Riki's Smokescreen or other AoE effects.

    - And with Naga's Ultimate. Casting order: Disruption > Song of Siren > Shapeshift
    - And with Enigma's Black Hole.
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      added to sticky.

      what about astral imprisonment?
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        Originally posted by blash365 View Post
        what about astral imprisonment?
        Same thing applies each for Riki's Smoke, Disruptor's Static Field, Naga's Song of Siren and Enigma's Black Hole.

        I'm not sure if this was the case on W3 DotA, and it is impossible for me to check that by myself.
        But even if it was like this on W3 DotA, I think it was just because of the engine limitations and needs to be fixed.

        Maybe by letting the outer effects to work through both Astral Imprisonment and Disruption for like .1 second before their effect ends.


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          This is somewhat related to this thread.

          From what I have tested, any action (that has no cast time) queued while disabled takes priority over most other effects. Note the example of a queued BKB going off while a Chronosphere is already on top of the hero. You don't even need to spam click the button- just once will queue it and activate it the instant you are not disabled.


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            Originally posted by EmblemLord View Post
            This is somewhat related to this thread.
            That thread of yours explains them all. The reason I was using Shapeshift was also because that it can be casted instantly. And I think this is just not right.
            Disrupt Naix, Disruptor comes, hoping to trap him like a bug with both his Static and Kinetic Field.
            Naix spams (or "queues" like you've said) his Rage, kills them both. Because he's that badass.

            Same thing with Weaver and his Time Lapse.


            • #7
              If possible, it would be nice for a mod to edit the thread and original post to expand on the extent of this bug. It applies to more than just banish spells (basically any disable that makes you invulnerable like Cyclone or Song of the Siren also have this bug with queued actions). This basically makes comboing with Song of the Siren impossible since a zero cast time BKB will go off regardless of what you combo next into it, be it Ravage, Black Hole, or Chronosphere (though the latter two do work on BKBed targets, it should not even go off in the first place).

              This is also with Black Hole/Chronosphere already present and casted BEFORE Song ends. If you must wait until after Song ends to cast something (like an AoE damage spell), you are out of luck as every instant cast item/spell will go off immediately after (so you'll have BKBs, Blink Daggers, Mantas, etc going off before you even have time to cast your second spell).

              I'm not sure if the actual queuing of actions during disables is a bug or not, but it certainly should place the appropriate debuffs/buffs on the target before the queued action takes place.
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                I was actually able to Shapeshift in the smoke after disruption in WC3, so this appears to be consistent.
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                  Originally posted by winxp View Post
                  I was actually able to Shapeshift in the smoke after disruption in WC3, so this appears to be consistent.
                  Me too, I was able to Shapeshift and Rage inside Disrupt+Smoke and Disrupt+Static Storm by spamming the hero and skill hotkey.

                  I have the feel like this is a Warcraft 3 bug though.

                  If this stays as Confirmed and gets fixed, should be added to Intended Changes later.
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                    [Confirmed] Instant spells can be cast directly after sots before area silence

                    Sven can use Warcry after a Song of the Siren (if clicking nonstop), standing in the Static Storm (Disruptor's ultimate was used before song end). But effects don't work and ability start cooldown. The Rage (maybe some other abilities) can be used too with all effects. For example Reverse Polarity, Global Silence and other abilities can't be used in such a way.

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                    • #11
                      So, I carried out more tests and here results:
                      1) Juggernaut can use Bladefury between Song of the Siren/Disruption and Static Storm/Smoke Screen;
                      2) Slark can use Dark Pact too;
                      3) Lone Druid can use Rabid;
                      4) Weaver can use Shukuchi;
                      5) Puck can use Phase Shift, etc.

                      Apparently some spells with instant cast can work in this short interval. But Sven's Warcry doesn't give effects, unlike Druid's Rabid.



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                        Low 218, though it should probably be a little more generalised...

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                          added to sticky. gonna align it with low 218.
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                            Eul's + icepath delay on stun

                            i'm not sure if it is really a bug or not, and if its not im sorry, but here is as it goes.

                            If u are playing jakiro and you use Eul's on an enemy and then have an ESTABLISHED icepath when the enemy gets out of it, he doesnt stun immediately, giving him time to use a BKB or even blink sometimes.
                            I was wondering if this is an actual bug or it is the way its supposed to happen, either way, i'm posting it. i thought when u get down u should already be stunned inside the ice. Even if you dont have a bkb or blink, you can see one walking a little bit before the stun.

                            Thanks (and sorry, maybe?) in advance.


                            • #15
                              Same interaction with Disruption/Astral Imprisonment + Smoke Screen/Static Storm. But incredibly it is consistent with Warcraft 3 behavior last time I tested.
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