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Compilation of Ensnare bugs

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  • Compilation of Ensnare bugs

    There are currently four ensnare abilities in the game: Naga, Sylla, Meepo, and the neutral troll. They seem to be fairly buggy about what does and does not dispel or block them. I tested each ability with Ghost Scepter, Eblade, Decrepify, BKB, Naga's Mirror Image, CK's Phantasm, and Manta. Many of these have been reported but I wanted to get this all in one place and re-test all of them. I bolded the ones that are currently bugged.

    Naga's net in WC3:
    Ghost: Makes you an invalid target if you cast before she nets. Dispels net if it was in the air or already on you.
    EB: Same as ghost
    Decrep: Same as ghost
    BKB: No interaction
    Mirror Image (CK, Naga, and Manta): dispels it

    Naga's net in Dota 2:
    Ghost Scepter: If cast before naga tries to net, you will still be targetable and the net can fly. It will interrupt channels but will be instantly dispelled. If cast while in the air, it will do the same. If cast after the net hits, it will dispel it.
    Eblade: Same as GS
    Decrep: Has no effect on net. Hits normally, won't get dispelled.
    BKB: No interaction
    Mirror Image: Won't dispel it

    Troll net in WC3:
    Ghost scepter: Makes you an invalid target, dispels it
    Eblade: Same
    Decrep: Same
    BKB: No interaction
    Mirror image: Dispels

    Troll net in Dota 2:
    Ghost scepter: No interaction
    Eblade: No interaction
    Decrep: No interaction
    BKB: No interaction
    Mirror Image: Dispels

    Spirit bear entangle in WC3:
    GS: Dispels
    Couldn't test others due to what I assume is test map bugs. Entangle would randomly seem to get disabled.

    Spirit bear in Dota 2:
    GS: No interaction
    EB: No interaction
    Decrep: No interaction
    BKB: Dispels (fixed, thanks budwing)
    Mirror Image: dispels

    Meepo earthbind in WC3:
    GS: Blocks, dispels
    EB: Blocks, dispels
    Decrep: Blocks, dispels
    BKB: Blocks, does not dispel
    Mirror image: dispels

    Meepo earthbind in Dota 2:
    GS: No interaction
    EB: No interaction
    Decrep: No interaction
    BKB: Blocks it, dispels it
    Mirror image: dispels it

    WC3 was very consistent about what would dispel or block an ensnare. Because ensnare is a physical spell, it would be blocked by being in ethereal form through any means. It could be dispelled by any physical dispel (such as becoming ethereal) or universal dispel (like mirror image). Meepo's is coded specifically to not affect magic immune units. In Dota 2 I have no idea how it works since each one seems to react differently to physical immunity/magic immunity/mirror image.
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  • #2
    i have to say the wc3 interaction makes sense, dota 2 not

    Lina stun = blocked by bkb - Meepo net = only dispelable when Ensnare is already active by eform

    Lion Hex = blocked by bkb - Naga net = only dispelable when Ensnare is already active by eform

    thought about this too last week but i forgot it.


    • #3
      I don't believe you anything, because you say that entangle has no interaction with BKB and that's is false. BKB dispels entangle. So either you didn't test it or you don't know what you are doing.


      • #4
        You're right, I had only checked to see if it was blocking it. Either way it's wrong.
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        • #5
          yep, ghost scepter not working against earthbind at all, but it should as said above


          • #6
            added to the sticky. thanks for the nice comprehensive list.
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            • #7
              Was it HON or wc3 dota, where you can ensnare spinning juggernaut?


              • #8
                you can use nagas net in wc3 to ensnare jugger (neutral troll works too); he will keep spinning though;
                earthbind doesnt work cause it checks if the targets in the area are immune to magic before a dummy casts the net.


                • #9
                  Bump to this thread
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                  • #10
                    its already added to the sticky, no need to bump


                    • #11
                      To add to your OP:

                      Spirit bear
                      entangle in WC3:
                      GS: Dispels
                      EB: Dispels
                      Decrep: dispels
                      BKB: does not dispel, does not block
                      Mirror image: dispels

                      (I believe that since it got changed to allow you to attack it's now an ensnare rather than an entangle :P )
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