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[Fixed] meepo clone gain 25% bonus from attribute bonus

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  • [Fixed] meepo clone gain 25% bonus from attribute bonus

    in d1 all meepos have same stats

    in d2:
    meepo lvl 25:
    str 61+20
    agi 68+20
    int 58+20 like in d1

    meepo clone:
    str 61+20+(20*25%=5)=61+25
    agi 68+20+(20*25%=5)=68+25
    int 58+20+(20*25%=5)=58+25 have 5 points more

  • #2
    easy repro:
    start game with cheats
    pick meepo
    -lvlup 25
    watch meepo prime stats and stats of his clone

    in d1:
    meepo prime: 01.jpg
    meepo clone: 02.jpg

    in d2:
    meepo prime without bonus stats:
    meepo clone without bonus stats:
    meepo prime with bonus stats:
    meepo clone with bonus stats:


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      added to sticky.
      Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

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      • #4
        Originally posted by Dethroid View Post
        in d1 all meepos have same stats


        • #5
          Unfortunately, yes, everything is true.
          And I feel responsible for this bug... I was the one suggesting to calculate 25% thingy from the green additional stats directly. Never thought of this occasion...


          • #6
            Sorry it is a bug, I got confused because of the power treads giving extra stats to meepo clones , so I got confused lol.
            Last edited by NightAven; 09-21-2012, 07:54 PM.


            • #7
              Originally posted by ThoAppelsin View Post
              Unfortunately, yes, everything is true.
              And I feel responsible for this bug... I was the one suggesting to calculate 25% thingy from the green additional stats directly. Never thought of this occasion...
              You were so convincing I thought this was how it worked in Dota 1 too Honestly, seeing how badly it's played anyway I think it's a much needed buff


              • #8
                I was almost sure that my solution would have fixed everything. I was trying to say that "only the additional stats that benefit the Meepo" with "green values", but as we can see, that didn't cover everything.
                I thought this over and over, and now I think I found it:

                "The 25% bonus thingy for the clones must be calculated only from the items that Meepo #1 has on himself. This is not the green value on the stats, because that green value is also affected by the stat upgrades."

                I think this way the problem would be truly solved... We could help devs by finding the true solution and confirming that one altogether I think. Is my statement above correct for the 25% stat bonus for clones thingy?


                • #9
                  The clones should have - Meepo prime's "naked" stats + 25% of any items.

                  Meepo Prime's naked stats can be affected by any stat-modifying abilities (astral imprisonment, decay, essence shift).

                  MOST (if not all) stat changing effects should not do anything to meepo clones DIRECTLY. Lets take Slark's Essence Shift as an example - hitting meepo clones has no effect - no agi increase and no stat decrease on meepo clones. Hitting the real meepo reduces all of Meepo Prime's and the Meepo Clones' stats by 1, while increasing slark's agility by 3.

                  This behaviour carries over to Decay and to Astral Imprisonment as well (except that OD gains +8 int).

                  Silencer's aura does NOT effect Meepo Prime at all if he is not in range, and therefore no intelligence is transferred, as is expected as Meepo clones cannot be affected by any stat-modifying effects.

                  Most of this has already been said, but I figured that I would just sum it all up here... This is probably one of the best examples of why stat modifiers should take from the base stats pool, rather than take from the "bonus" pool.

                  So, Suggested fix:

                  Hardcode meepo clones to have the same stats as meepo prime plus 25% of any stats given through items. Their stats should only change if meepo prime's stats change.
                  Last edited by Wyn-Ryder; 09-23-2012, 09:44 PM.
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                  • #10
                    Confirmed. Its bug.

                    Images DotA 1:
                    Meepo original -
                    Meepo clone -

                    Images DotA 2:
                    Meepo original -
                    Meepo clone -


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by Tiadec View Post
                      Something is not quite right here if you look at all those pictures you will see that they all (with 1 exception) have 1689 health. For some reason meepo prime has more (1784) in dota2?

                      I have no idea why but someone needs to figure that out before any claims can be made about meepo prime and his buddies


                      • #12
                        its the clone that got 1784 hp and thats what the whole thread is all about 0.0