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[Intended?] Visage should get grave chill speed buff when blocked by linken

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  • [Intended?] Visage should get grave chill speed buff when blocked by linken

    Last edited by Alertme; 06-06-2013, 09:03 PM.
    Sorry~ English is not my native language as you know, BUT you can still easily understand what I mean correctly because English is your native language.
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  • #2
    Did you put the confirmed tag there yourself? If so that tag is reserved for moderators, and you should wait until someone validates your claims.

    I can validate WC3 Behaviour:

    Blocked completely for Linken's holder, however, Visage still gains the buffs.

    HOWEVER: This may be part of the intended fix about linkens fully blocking effects instead of half blocking them. Read the "Intended Fixes" sticky
    Last edited by Wyn-Ryder; 09-22-2012, 08:09 PM.
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    • #3
      if it is stated that the speed gain is independent of the status of the target enemy, i believe even it is block by linken, visage should still get speed buff.


      • #4
        Looks like an intended fix to me.


        • #5
          Then again, Princess' arrow damage is independent of the stun, yet they are both blocked, how can you argue that?


          • #6
            As is CK's stun and damage. I'd definitely say intended.
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            • #7
              Originally posted by Alertme View Post
              The speed gained is independant of the amount that was reduced on the target.
              This is not there for the Linken's... That line is there just to inform players that it is allright for Visage to gain more (or less) speed than the Grave Chilled unit loses.

              Let's say your Visage's ms was 400.
              And there is a Slardar (enemy) with 300 ms.
              And there is a Mirana (enemy) on fire, with 500 ms.

              That line above implies that;
              No matter which unit you target, that Mirana or Slardar or any other targetable unit, your speed will be 528, well, maxed out to 522.
              If you target Slardar, he will lose 96 ms and end up with 204 ms; while you gain 128 ms and end up with 522. (The speed gained is independant of the amount that was reduced on the target.)
              If you target Mirana, although she will 160 ms, you won't gain 160 but only 128 ms. (There is a speed cap anyway, but let's ignore that for this instance.)

              I don't think that line has anything to do with Linken's, but of course I might be wrong.


              • #8
                i'll go with intended fix on this one too.

                please dont add the [Confirmed] tag on your own the next time.
                we use that tag to mark bugs that other users have validated after adding them to the buglist.
                if you post a new bug and want to add a tag, use [Unconfirmed].
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