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[Confirmed] Magnus manta illusions are different when landing

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  • [Confirmed] Magnus manta illusions are different when landing

    Last edited by Alertme; 06-10-2013, 07:48 PM.
    Sorry~ English is not my native language as you know, BUT you can still easily understand what I mean correctly because English is your native language.
    So If someone have no word to refute what I said, he may just attack my grammar or vocabulary.... to shift the focus....

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    As I would guess, they have missing body parts and a stump in place of the horn. In this case, Valve folks still haven't fixed all the model breakup bugs, which is just plain horrible.
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      added to sticky.
      Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

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        Well, this thing happens only within a split second, maybe even less. I am amazed how you could take a screenshot for these, I wouldn't be able to.
        You can also distinguish Brewmaster from his illusions when he uses Manta. On their first moment of creation, free swinging thingy at the end of their poles make a circular movement for like half a second.
        And, for example, Shadow Shaman also does the exact same landing thing like the Magnus.

        I am pretty sure there are many others like these. And this is pretty minor...

        On the other hand, some of them are entirely indistinguishable, for example, Ursa. Or Treant Protector.
        No matter how many times I try, the Manta Illusions are succesfully tracing their origin and their periodic idle motions without any phase shift.

        And if I remember correctly, on W3 DotA, Treant Protector illusions used to spawn like a green goo, just like his initial spawn model at the beginning of the game.

        So, generally, there are many other examples for this thing, and some of them are even more critical, and imo they all shall better get fixed in the end. Even if it means disregarding the pairity with W3 DotA, since it definitely wasn't intended to be like this on DotA.


        • #5
          is this even a bug? i am not quite sure


          • #6
            ^ Exactly, that was what I was thinking. Then I thought like there is an annoyance section on the Common Bugs List, and this is a good example for an annoyance issue. Sooner or later this thing better gets tweaked. Even if this has to be the last thing to be concerned, it's good to have it on the list.


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              It's like tree illusions in WC3 starting out growing from the ground... It should probably be fixed so that you can't tell which is real immediately, because it does slightly weaken manta.
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                Addition: Also Viper for example does the same, too. They fall from the sky.
                It really isn't a Magnus-only thing.