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[Duplicate] Skewer interaction test (DOTA1 vs DOTA2)

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  • [Duplicate] Skewer interaction test (DOTA1 vs DOTA2)

    2. vs Frostbite: no matter Frostbite first hit or hit when skewer charging, its will cause magnus out of attack range(128) when skewer pull target to the end position.
    3. vs Shackleshot: the same with Frostbite, start charge and Shackleshot hit magnus with trees, but after stun magnus is out of melee range when skewer end.
    4. vs Light Strike Array: same with 3. out of range if stun hit skewer.
    5. vs Split Earth: same with 3. the same with video:

    DOTA1: magnus can attack target (closed than 128) when skewer end even be stunned by Frostbite / Shackleshot / Light Strike Array / Split Earth (tested already)

    Last edited by bu3ny; 11-24-2013, 12:12 PM. Reason: added all gathered bug instances to the op
    Sorry~ English is not my native language as you know, BUT you can still easily understand what I mean correctly because English is your native language.
    So If someone have no word to refute what I said, he may just attack my grammar or vocabulary.... to shift the focus....

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    need more casting speed for Empower


    • #3
      Originally posted by Alertme
      6. vs Primal Roar: beast master target other hero and magnus skewer into the path of Primal Roar will be shoved aside from the path of the roar.

      DOTA1: be damaged but skewer will go through the Primal Roar push wave(to non-main target) and hit the BM as well. (ignore Primal Roar slow push wave)

      This is related to another bug that makes triggered movements replace each other instead of stack with each other.


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        tl;dr version: Skewer takes precedence over most (if not all, can't remember) spells, which is not the case in dota 2.


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          added to sticky.
          Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

          Contributions i'd like to highlight:
          My Suggestion: Coaching System
          My Sticky: Intended Changes List
          My Challenge: Completely Fixed Hero Challenge: Skywrath Mage


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            cba to confirm but i think it fails to cancel channeling. used on sandstorming sandking who stayed invisible yesterday.


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              Also this

              Check out my newbie workshop here:
     (getting better with every submission though ;O)
              Cases solved list:
              t=51973 Free terrain Vision; t=50357 Mirana ult + Manta; t=52974 Rhasta Serpent Wards dmg ;t=53288 Sell back possible exploits; etc...


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                Originally posted by GiaLoTa View Post
                Also this

                Pretty sure nothing's wrong with this. Regarding the way the skill's supposed to work, that is.


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                  Death also stops mag's charge in Dota 2. Well not the animation, but the effect.
                  Comprehensive Damage Reduction & Amplifications Dota 2 Guide


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                    You still go through trees and the corpse moves.


                    • #11
                      Yeah, but it doesn't drag units to your final location.
                      Comprehensive Damage Reduction & Amplifications Dota 2 Guide


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                        Just wanted to make sure it was understood that parts of the move still occur, other parts, not so much.


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                          Aaaaaand my shockwave flash has crashed.

                          This guy is awesome, do whatever he asks for.
                          Also the Chronosphere and Black Hole things look really important.

                          Great videos, they are as clear as possible. Also thumbs up and a bump for such determination.


                          • #14
                            Originally posted by Alertme

                            Skewer can walk through the Black Hole:
                            Even cross the Chronosphere:
                            Magnus: I can not stop it, too!!
                            lol~ nice


                            • #15
                              T-UP. This needs a bump because Magnus lost great part of its potential, by the way, great work Alertme.
                              I think skewer should grant magic immunity during the charge, but it doesnt in DotA, so...
                              I love the legacy issues from DotA and the skewer power at DotA and I think that most spells interactions shall remain as is in WC3 DotA, but i'll leave that feeling aside just to brainstorm some interactions with skewer spell.

                              1 - Chronosphere.
                              a) Thoughts:
                              Its an ultimate made to be one of the best disables of the game, it shows invis, disable evasion and pauses magic immune units/hereos and buildings. (only Rubik* and Void are able to move under Chrono).
                              I belive a normal skill cant take priority under an ultimate, even magnus power skewer, makes it imba imo (Void losses most time of his ult for a 30s skill).

                              b) Interaction with Skewer IMO:
                              Magnus cast skewer through void's Chrono.
                              Magnus is paused, but not disabled, when reachs Chrono's boundings.
                              After Chronosphere ends Magnus keeps charging his way.

                              2 - Black Hole.
                              a) Thoughts:
                              Same as Chrono, its an ultimate / ubber disable with high Manacost/CD. No enemy can goes through it and escapes, even the powerful skewer.
                              Imagine if you blackhole 4 man, and all your team is together clashing the trapped enemis, than a magnus blinks, skewer through all and ult -> "Counter-Team Wipe" just happened.

                              b) Interaction with Skewer IMO:
                              Magnus is dragged and disabled.

                              3 - Reverse Polarity
                              a) Thoughts:
                              Same as above, mass disable that works on magic immune. This ultimates shall be able to stop a Skewer charge because wasting an ultimate with high CD/Manacost for a normal skill with 30s CD its imba.

                              b) Interaction with Skewer IMO:
                              Magnus is stunned and disabled.

                              4) Venge's Swap
                              a) Thoughts:
                              Same as all 3 above. An ultimate should have precedence over normal skills, also its another great disable that works on magic immunes and cancels channeling.

                              b) Interaction with Skewer IMO:
                              Magnus start charging skewer for escape.
                              Venge casts swap.
                              Magnus is swapped but not disabled and keeps charging till reachs the 800 distance after the swap.

                              5) Glimpse
                              a) Thoughts:
                              Normal skill vs Normal skill. Your target is placed 4s ago (unless its magic immune), the description is clear and IF skewer put Magnus immunity then it shouldn't work, but it dont so...

                              b) Interaction with Skewer IMO:
                              Magnus is running away.
                              Disruptor casts glimpse and 1s after the beggining of glimpse he casts skewer.
                              Magnus is placed 4s ago but its not disabled and keeps the charge till reachs the 800 distance.

                              6) X-Marks the Spot
                              a) Thoughts:
                              Same thoughts as glimpse.

                              b) Interaction with Skewer IMO:
                              Magnus is running and kunkka casts X-Mark.
                              He keeps running about 3.5s and use skewer.
                              He'll be placed back at the spot but is not disabled and keeps the charge (you might be able to avoid a torrent).

                              7) Tornado
                              a) Thoughts:
                              Well.. i love former skewer-tornado behavior (sky push), but ive always think the levitate at the ends strange. Also tornado has a higher manacost so...

                              b) Interaction with Skewer IMO:
                              Magnus is disabled and Skewer charge stops.
                              Magnus skypush over tornado and at the end its not disabled.

                              8) Meat Hook.
                              a) Thoughts:
                              I left for last because ppl might think its funny/imba because it dont work like this in DotA.
                              Its a power spell and disable that can pull even magic immunity enemies, but dont do the damage.
                              In DotA Magnus completely ignores hook during Skewer, so it will be an exception.

                              b) Interaction with Skewer IMO:
                              When it hits an ongoing skewer charge Pudge shall be dragged the distance beetween the the hit and the distance Magnus traveled after the hook hit.
                              Magnus get damaged, but not pulled.

                              Ex: At the video. Pudge should be dragged a little top and a little right. (just as normal physics works, like a triangle).

                              Thats It.
                              If any mods want to move this to brainstorm section, feel free.
                              Attached Files