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[Confirmed] Getting repositioned (and interupted) during casting exceeds cast range

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  • [Confirmed] Getting repositioned (and interupted) during casting exceeds cast range

    What happened:
    Leshrac staying at (right-side of Radiant's) fountain gates started casting stun at max range around ancient.
    Leshrac got hit with Ice Path -> Deafening Blast.
    Leshrac still casts Q at same spot even though he was staying around 200 range too far.

    What i think should happen:
    Leshrac's Q should just get interrupted and never continue until issued again, especially not when out of range.

    You can see that around 48:37 of match with id 63765363

    Last edited by bu3ny; 10-01-2015, 04:26 PM. Reason: added videos

  • #2
    Didn't watch but i am still sure that he casted it and after 0.3 seconds stun applied, just as intended.


    • #3
      Ok, this is the most obvious incorrect bug report i have ever seen. Leshrac gets stunned, stun wears off, he casts his stun again. Not even close to being a bug.


      • #4
        might relate to the topic of "cast beyond maximum range"
        since u started the cast before stunned and pushed by ice path and deafening blasting, the system might consider to finish ur cast even its out of the range.
        btw it is not an obvious "NOT a bug" case


        • #5
          If it happens as OP explains it, it sounds like a bug to me. I'll watch.


          • #6
            The provided timestamp is from the replay time. The actual game isn't that long anyway.
            Here is a video of what is happening in the game:

            Don't know whether it's a bug or not. Seems odd to me, but I think it's just the other way around version of the motion buffer thing, so it's probably not a bug.


            • #7
              looks like a bug to me.
              thanks for the video.

              added to sticky.
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              • #8
                Oh, sorry, i completely missed the part where stun exceeds max range.


                • #9
                  Probably is a bug :/ I wonder if it's to do with deafening blast or if using swap etc. might affect it... Could call for some super ranged skills!
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