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Update Notes - November 28, 2012

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  • Update Notes - November 28, 2012

    - Updated Broodmother's model
    - Added sound and FX for hand of Midas

    - Clicking on a hero row in the Heroes Played tab on the profile now shows a match history filtered by that hero.
    - Greevil Egg contents are now displayed correctly in the Steam trading UI.

    - Pseudo Random chances are now enabled for these abilities: Coup de Grace, Slardar's Bash, Time Lock, Drunken Brawler's Crit, Headshot, Blade Dance, Chaos Knight's Crit, Lycan's Crit and Skeleton King's Crit.

    - Lich Bot will no longer Dark Ritual an ally's dominated creep (heh).
    - Fixed bug that was causing bots to never try to avoid linear projectiles.
    - Bots will now try to avoid Illuminate (both during the channel and when the projectile is released).
    - Bots will now buy invisibility-detection items for an enemy Weaver.
    - Bots who are the targets of Life Drain and Mana Drain will now try to break the channel by outranging it.
    - Lich bot will no longer stop to cast Frost Armor when frantically attacking or retreating.
    - Bots will no longer pick up a droppable item if it would require them to drop an item.
    - For new players, the default coop bot difficulty level is now Easy.
    - Bots will now drop muted items that they've picked up in the fountain.
    Last edited by ChrisC; 11-28-2012, 03:04 PM.

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    Trolled good night people.


    • #3
      no hero lol


      • #4
        No hero...


        • #5
          Disappointing that there's no hero after two weeks + ( particle + textures + script ) work...
          Why even update test? Did you type in the wrong numbers in code?I mean I doubt there could be a critical bug with such little content (On the apparent surface).
          Last edited by omegadon3; 11-28-2012, 04:18 PM.


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            ty for update

            add more rivals for old heroes such as invoker ,,, plz


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                nice updates
                „Die Kinder von heute kennen kein Vaterunser, dafür aber Deinemudder.“


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                    This updates are fucking lame


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                      Whyyy Pseudo Random? Whyy? =/ I like the randomness of it all...

                      I apologize for the little (or big) english mistakes, learn a different language is not easy....
                      I'm fluent in Portuguese and Japanese, btw

                      Hey, you! Yes, you there, american. You're not better than anyone, we're not better than anyone. Stop being a xenophobe and quit using people's nation as an excuse to lose.


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                        Once again, ChrisC does more with his bots than the rest of valve combined.
                        Steam Profile
                        Python Interface to the Stats API
                        Suggestion: Courier Shift-Queue Improvements
                        Make Disablehelp work on Decrepify
                        Useful link for mute system supporters


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                          Not even mad.


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                            Originally posted by lmiyagi View Post
                            Whyyy Pseudo Random? Whyy? =/ I like the randomness of it all...
                            Just be happy you will be crited/bashed a whole lot more .


                            • #15
                              Is this real? or just a troll?