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Tab button does not switch to illusions

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  • Tab button does not switch to illusions

    1. Make sure Tab toggles through control groups
    2. Pick Morphling
    3. Cast ultimate on another hero
    4. Try to select your illusion by pressing "Tab"
    5. Doesnt work...

    Expected Result: Pressing Tab should select existing illusion (for PL, this would ALWAYS prioritize his illusion that was spawned by Dopplewalk if multiple illusions existed)

    This bug applies to other illusions heroes (Naga, PL, etc).

    This is a HUGE bug that drastically lowers my performance on these heroes. Being able to tab to my illusion and run it away then Tab back to my main hero and things of this nature is a severe problem that needs to be fixed ASAP. I plan to start picking morphling again with his new 6.77 buffs, but at this point, he is nearly impossible to play (effectively at least) while this bug exists. Thanks.

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    I can vouch for this, PL is my favourite hero so I noticed this straight away, pressing tab didn't do anything. Even though illusions were obviously under my control.


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      Pls Fix THis


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        it doesnt work anymore since like 2 or 3 patches and it is really annoying =) So it would be nice if you are able to fix it !! +1

        It isnt possible with any illusions anymore -> Runes, Manta, Phantom lancer, morph, etc. etc. ^^

        Thx !


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          Pleeeeeeeeeeeease change this back


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            Glad I am not the only one who feels this should be changed back to normal.


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                they fixed tab back to normal, tab is finnaly usable, don't fuck it again plz


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                  I reported this a month ago


                  Also the poster above is incorrect, the bug is still there and you can't use tab to switch to illusions
                  Last edited by Radio; 01-13-2013, 10:17 AM.


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                      Originally posted by Radio View Post
                      I reported this a month ago


                      Also the poster above is incorrect, the bug is still there and you can't use tab to switch to illusions
                      Tab is suppose to put in front the next unit in group you have currently in selection, it's now about 1 month that it is finnaly fix (like in war3)

                      In war3, tab never switched to unit that weren't selected -which was the initial issue of tab in dota2-. So this isn't a bug.

                      Edit: quoting you cause lmy english is definitly worse than your's, so you might not understand me well
                      "Making this clear: I'm not talking about control groups. I'm talking about switching to an entirely different unit by pressing TAB."

                      Tab never did this in war3. I'm not against that, (add an option or something) but definitly, unless changed in option, tab should remain as it is now, that is to say, cycling unit that you are selecting.
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                        Originally posted by miambox View Post
                        Tab is suppose to put in front the next unit in group you have currently in selection, it's now about 1 month that it is finnaly fix (like in war3)

                        In war3, tab never switched to unit that weren't selected -which was the initial issue of tab in dota2-. So this isn't a bug.
                        It still switches to units that aren't selected, 'cept illusions. This is a bug and extremely uncomfortable and inconsistent no matter what you think.


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                          Yeah, I had been dealing with this but it's been annoying me ever since it was broken.

                          When using Dopplewalk on PL and Replicate on Morph, this is pretty critical to be able to effectively control the illusion. Controlling the Dopplewalk illusion can make it difficult for even a skilled player to notice, and it's useful in so many other ways. For Morph, you have a limited time to control the Illusion you create, so not being able to switch to it quickly makes his ultimate pretty clunky.

                          And as far as switching to an unused allies hero - I don't know what I'd do with that. I find it useful but also annoying.

                          I don't know if people are misinterpreting this or not, but basically when you have just your hero selected, before you would be able to use either "Select All Other Units" or "Control Group Tab" to switch to your Illusions. If you've selected multiple units they'll all obey move commands, so being able to switch which one is the "primary" out of your selected units isn't really useful.

                          As far as blah blah WC3 blah blah goes, to my knowledge Blizzard never had a "Select All Other Units" button - if this functionality is to be granted to Chen, Enchantress, Lone Druid, Meepo, and the like then why has it been denied to Morphling and Phantom Lancer?

                          Yes, you can use control groups for those heroes, but I'm talking about the Select All Other Units command. This did not exist in WC3, but it's a brilliant addition for ease of use and to allow for better user control. I can play PL with the same micro skills as I can play Chen, yet I'm denied the same tools to micro him with. Personally, I have my control shceme laid out in a way that Control groups are not easily possible for me to use, so I had adapted to using the two built in micro buttons. I find control groups in this type of game clunky compared to a traditional RTS where I want to quickly jump to different unit groups, so having two dedicated buttons with functionality I'm used to has worked out for me.

                          I'm not trying to complain here, I'm trying to point out to the people who are saying this is fine because it was this way in WC3 or that Illusions should not be controllable in this manner that these arguments do not matter. We have a button that selects all other units, which serves as a valuable alternative to control groups. This is completely new functionality when comparing the Dota 2 engine to the WC3 engine, and for someone who chooses to abandon control groups because they find this new unit control button useful, it's annoying to be given the functionality for some heroes, and denied it for others.
                          Last edited by Ragearo; 01-14-2013, 08:45 AM.


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                            Having disc players on the hero tab can be useful.

                            You should be able to check a box in the unit sharing menu, though. No sense in giving everyone control always if it gets in their way.


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                              Im gonna pay the dude that changes it back

                              look im playing dota 2 on a professional level and that change really really saddens me a lot, it disables me to properly quick react with my illusions, and make a proper illusion body block, as well as using mantastyle properly without wasting 0.5-1 second to send ilus out manually, im really really upset with the change they made on it, please invent a optional checkbox to make it work like it used to

                              Greets BlueBanana

                              PS: I though do not care wether the tab on disc allied or not, since im playing ihl's scrims almost only there is no use for that, id recommend if you grant the option of letting the players decide themselves with a checkbox in settings wether to disable or enable it.

                              PS2: I beg you to make it work like it used to im desperate
                              Last edited by BlueBanana; 01-16-2013, 01:15 PM.