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[Confirmed]The UI is not disabled during banishment (Disruption, Astral Imprisonment)

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  • [Confirmed]The UI is not disabled during banishment (Disruption, Astral Imprisonment)

    Encountered this today, what do you guys think?

    While doing the Disruption and Ice Path combo, Juggernaut is able to use Blade Fury before getting frozen.

    1) Pick Jakiro and Shadow Demon, and get Disruption and Ice Path. An enemy Juggernaut is needed with Blade Fury.
    2) Use Disruption on Juggernaut and Ice Path at the location of the Disruption before the duration has ended.
    3) As the enemy Juggernaut, try to use Blade Fury after Disruption before getting frozen by Ice Path.

    Juggernaut is able to use Blade Fury "before" the duration of Disruption and therefore is able to escape Ice Path.

    Juggernaut should immediately get frozen by Ice Path after Disruption and should not be able to use Blade Fury.

    In DotA1, the UI is fully disabled during Disruption/Astral Imprisonment, so you can't click on a spell or item during banishment.
    In Dota2, it's not disabled. You can click on the spell or item during the banishment, and your unit will use it instantly after the banishment.
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    I can see why. Assuming Ice Path's logic is the same as DotA1 in nature, then it would be a periodic event that causes freezing of nearby units within 175 range of each ice segment. Blade Fury has no cast time (disregard heroes cast point) so he can do it within the interval that the Ice Path freezes units (0.05s?). Although I think this should be changed so that Ice Path freezes upon collision with units and periodically. *shrugs* I don't think I can apply the same mechanical perspective I have on DotA1 to DotA2.
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      I remember a game a while ago when me (as SD) and riki ganked clinkz by disrupting then popping smoke over the cage. Clinkz could windwalk even though he was in smoke when he reappeared. I'm sure he windwalked AFTER he got disrupted.

      So I think the problem is with disruption.


      • #4
        Tested for jairo + sd and riki + sd. You can ww or bladefury just after disruption ends to escape ice path or smoke.


        • #5
          The problem shouldn't be Disruption BUT icepath and smoke. You can't have real area affects like this. They're periodicly triggered, just like Siraraz said. If you manage to come out and click bladefury betweem two ticks, you've won.
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            Originally posted by Robert09 View Post
            Tested for jairo + sd and riki + sd. You can ww or bladefury just after disruption ends to escape ice path or smoke.
            Tested in dota 1?


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              It's anything from returning from an invuln state I am pretty sure, same issue with naga's sleep and bkb, I assume astral would also be the same, you can BKB and blink between naga's sleep and any other disable coming at you.
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              • #8
                The problem can be in Disruption - in DotA 1 target of ability is hidden and can't be controlled and as such, can't be ordered to use abilities, move etc. It is humanly impossible to use Blade fury after Disruption but before ice path\smoke's effect ticks. In DOTA 2 you still have the control over your hero and last issued order is queued to be used as soon as Disruption ends.
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                  This happened in the The International 3, Day 3. DK vs Alliance. Loda on an Anti mage managed to bkb immediately after disruption WHILE sitting on an ice path.


                  • #10
                    This is pretty facepalm for consistency issues.


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by TDA101 View Post
                      This is pretty facepalm for consistency issues.
                      Yeah. Being able to select your hero during Disruption/Astral Imprisonment makes those skills a lot weaker :/ Should be an "easy" and important fix imo.
                      If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.


                      • #12
                        i made some tests, and it seems if u use skils after disruption, astral, eul u can use 100% ur skills before anything (rage, nyx carapace, bkb). i tried to get away from icepath with dagger but it seems u take the damage first and u can't do that. maybe this is intended


                        • #13
                          The easiest fix ought to be to issue a "stop" order on units that are affected by Disruption or Astral Imprisonment.


                          • #14
                            yes, command queuing during banishments has severely nerfed those skills. Would love to see it fixed for dota 1 parity.


                            • #15
                              What are you talking about guys, this is the same as DotA, I can spam hero hotkey + Rage/Spin/BKB or any transformation spell and be able to cast it after the Disruption+Icepath/Smoke Screen/Static Storm combo.
                              I tested it before in Warcraft 3 and it worked just fine.

                              This is perfectly ported AFAIK.
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