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[Confirmed] Killing blow EMP against Skeleton King with ... see thread

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  • [Confirmed] Killing blow EMP against Skeleton King with ... see thread

    Ok. For the first time, I am 95% sure that this is not intended to happen on DotA. Still, I will report this down here, just to make sure, and also will open up a thread on PlayDota maybe tomorrow.


    When you cast EMP upon a Skeleton King that has higher than 140 mana, but would deplete to something lower than 140 after EMP pops in; and the Skeleton King has so low health, that is lower than the half amount of the mana he has; he dies, no reincarnation. This is the case in Dota 2.
    He doesn't die, but reincarnates on DotA.

    Reproduction Steps:
    1. Get an Invoker to yourself, max him out, give him an EMP
    2. Create an enemy Skeleton King, level him up 5 times, give him Reincarnation
    3. Lower his health down
    4. At this point he should have <100/872 HP and 299/299 Mana
    5. Cast your maxed EMP upon the Skeleton King

    Current Result on Dota 2:

    EMP burns the whole mana pool of the Skeleton King, meaning that burns down 299 mana
    And then damages the Skeleton King for 149,5 HP
    Skeleton King with no mana gets damaged for more than his health, so he dies. No reincarnation.

    Expected Result according to DotA:

    I have heard this somewhere here: Pure Damage HP Removal cannot be tracked, so EMP deals some other kind of damage instead of the normal Pure HP Removal, as it calculates that the target will die.
    I am not sure what's happening there, so I'll just write down the result...

    Skeleton King dies, but by leaving a tombstone, and resurrects after 3 seconds. So basically, EMP deals the damage first before depleting the mana of the Skeleton King, which results in a resurrection instead of death.

    I don't know whether the EMP is always dealing damage first and then sucking off the mana. If that is the case, then this really should be counted as a Dota 2 bug.
    But if EMP is only doing that when it's the killing blow, then I think it has been just coded in a wrong way on DotA, and something unexpected happens as the damage type is being adjusted. If that is the case, then I really do not think that this is a Dota 2 bug, maybe for the first time...

    Edited the grey text part, made the wrong information almost white and put down the "HP Removal"s instead. Credits to Belarion for correction.
    Last edited by ThoAppelsin; 01-23-2013, 10:00 AM.

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    Originally posted by ThoAppelsin View Post
    I have heard this somewhere here: Pure Damage cannot be tracked, so EMP deals some other kind of damage instead of the normal Pure, as it calculates that the target will die.
    You got this a little wrong. EMP normally deals HP Removal in Dota 1 (which is bugged in dota 2). And for this it is true that hp removal cant track the damge source, so every kill with hp removal would count as a suicide. For this reason it accomplishes the killing blow by setting hp to 1 and dealing (50+50*wex)/2 magic damage. (according to ebster, though the overview list talks about pure damage in killing blows, not that it really matters as all hp removals use some kind of normal damage on killing blows). Though this should have no impact on order of damage calculation, but here im also not sure.

    The dota 2 interaction feels more natural, but im indifferent


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      The skill says that it deals damage for the half amount of the mana burned.
      So it doesn't make sense that it can deal damage before burning the mana. It is not like mana being burned is a fixed amount. If the victim has 100 mana, it burns 100, and deals 50; while it could deal 200 if the victim had sufficient mana.

      I don't know...


      • #4
        Yes thats what i meant with the dota 2 interaction feels more natural

        //@lunatic3k forgot to check that still that is only the confirmation about thoappelsins wc3 test, not about intention, as playdota only states what happens and not what icefrog wants to happen. but yeah propably treat it as bug and if it is icefrogs intention it will never get fixed (which i assume, but marking it as bug doesnt really hurt)
        Last edited by Belarion; 01-23-2013, 10:48 AM.


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          Well, despite the "more natural" feeling, it still says in EMP notes

          Damage deals before mana burn.

          So i don't know why you think it wasnt intentional


          • #6
            Oh hi lunatic3k
            Thanks for the information, I hadn't checked the notes for this case.
            Instead I had made a thread, which got answered, so it's probably right:

            If the damage is dealt first no matter what, then like I have said on my original report, it is a bug on Dota 2.
            If the damage was dealt only for the killing blow case, then I would think of it as an unexpected coding fault on DotA.

            That means this is really a bug.


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              added to sticky.
              Before posting a bug read the Bug posting guidelines first and check the Known Bugs list For existing bugs.

              Use the report () button when you need help from a Moderator.