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[Confirmed] Static Link and Reincarnation/Aegis interaction is wrong

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  • [Confirmed] Static Link and Reincarnation/Aegis interaction is wrong


    The + and - Damage from the Static Link (Razor) does not carry on after reincarnation with Aegis of Immortal or the skill Reincarnation (Skeleton King). It should.
    Edit: The Static Link itself also should persists during the reincarnation delay of the victim or the Razor with Aegis of Immortal.
    No issues with actual Death.

    Reproduction Steps:
    1. Grab a Razor with Static Link
    2. Create an enemy Skeleton King with Reincarnation
    3. Cast an Static Link to the Skeleton King
    4. Kill the Skeleton King
    5. ----------
    6. Give Razor an Aegis of Immortal
    7. Steal some Damage from the Skeleton King
    8. Kill the Razor with the Skeleton King

    Current Result:

    + and - damages are reset after reincarnation in both cases.
    Edit: Also the Static Link gets destroyed as the Skeleton King or the Razor begins resurrecting.

    Expected Result:

    + and - damages should be preserved in both cases.
    Actual Death is removing the positive and negative damage buffs, which is alright.
    Edit: Also the Static Link should remain and go on doing its thing, stealing damage, regardless of whichever end turns into a tombstone.

    Aegis'd death is not the same with a regular death.
    Was just watching a match and seen Razor, then realized that I hadn't checked this one, also the Eye of the Storm armor reduction. Just a sec...
    Last edited by ThoAppelsin; 02-01-2013, 10:55 AM.

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    Originally posted by ThoAppelsin View Post
    Aegis'd death is not the same with a regular death.
    Was just watching a match and seen Razor, then realized that I hadn't checked this one, also the Eye of the Storm armor reduction. Just a sec...
    This. There are quite a few incorrect interactions with aegis/reincarnation, such as blood bath, and I believe I read one about bloodstone too...
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      I REALY hope that they don't fix this bug as "this" bug. They have to recode they way aegis works. There are tons of wrong interactions and there will always be when fixing the abilities and not aegis.
      If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.


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        Yeah, I had this discussion with Appelsin :P They should go for a general fix instead of fixing it case by case, which is what they always seem to do...
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          I highly doubt that they will do these fixes in any other way than fixing them individually.
          They have fixed the Spirit Bear issue individually.
          On the last patch, they have individually fixed the Replicate issue.

          I don't know. They may mass-fix the stat-change issues, including this damage-change issue and the Eye of the Storm's armor-change issue.
          But then again, they have to take care, since even if, for example, Amplify Damage applies an armor-change, it is and SHOULD get removed with the reincarnation. I don't know, it might be due to the Fiery Fire thing, which I don't know about... But that is the case on DotA.

          So, I actually hope that they won't end up with some sort of correlation and think that "Okay then, I suppose every stat-change related thing has to get fixed" and fix them all, since some may not.
          I have listed probably all of them already. There can be 10-15 more missed, but at least I have done a one cycle of thorough check.
          They have a list on their hands now if they want to find out. So it shouldn't be hard to fix them one by one anyway...
          The list is on Moderate #191 on the Known Bugs List, thanks to trena.


          • #6
            The Static Link also should continue stealing damage from the victim while he/she is reincarnating. For example, if you cast Static Link to the Skeleton King, and bring him down right after creating the link, the link should keep on stealing damage within that 3 seconds of reincarnation time, and make Skeleton King reincarnate with even lower damage.

            I will update the OP accordingly.


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              added to sticky by trena.
              Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

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