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[Confirmed] Envenomed weapons-based skills should not be purged by magic immunity

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  • [Confirmed] Envenomed weapons-based skills should not be purged by magic immunity

    - Gnoll, Envenomed Weapon
    - Dragon Knight, ult lvl1, Corrosive Breath
    - Broodmother, Spiderling/spiderites poison sting
    - Viper, Corrosive Skin
    - Meepo, Geostrike
    - Beastmaster, Lesser/Greater Boar - Poison
    - Orb of Venom

    In dota1 none of above is purged by magic immunity (Enhanced should be dispeled only by physical like Cyclone, Ethereal and Manta)
    In dota2 they are purged when You activate for example Lifestealer Rage

    (Veno poison sting correctly isn't purged)

    //edit: added orb of venom
    Last edited by bu3ny; 10-04-2014, 03:33 AM. Reason: Update: Corrosive Skin fixed
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  • #2
    Just asking, is Frost Attack's slow from Elder Dragon Form 3 based on envomed weapon?
    That also doesn't get removed on DotA with magic immunity, while it does on Dota 2. Just a thought...


    • #3
      ^no, iirc it was based on aura (... or so i heard which is kinda weird if it is correct), but it explains why magic immunity doesn't removed it
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      • #4
        I also have heard something like Frost Attack being aura-based, so I had written it like that on this thread.
        But now that I saw a thread about some other abilities behaving in a similar way, I re-considered what I heard, since "aura based attack effect" sounded strange to my ears.


        • #5
          i believe it's considered a physical effect, basically the same thing as stuns or poisons. it's a hardcoded warcraft 3 skill.


          • #6
            added to sticky.
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