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[Confirmed] Teleporting snowball

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  • [Confirmed] Teleporting snowball

    I was playing a game as Tusk earlier today, when an interesting bug occurred near the Dire tier 2 top tower. I'll let the video explain it. (Please lower the volume or mute as my voice is very loud and obnoxious, and I apologize for that.)

    -- Removed Twitch link because I accidentally deleted the video from my channel --

    I teleport (after a short delay) to somewhere in the middle of the Dire base, where I soon after TP scroll out. I have not been able to replicate this, though.

    EDIT: Sorry, I was pruning my Twitch channel of old VODs and I accidentally deleted this VOD. There are other reproductions of the bug in the other posts, and this has already been confirmed, though.
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    added to sticky.
    Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

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      Tusk Snowball insane global Teleglitch


      Tusk randomly teleported to the middle of the map while charging the Snowball skill on Naga @ 0:15:50


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        I went invisible after a snowball and had a weird teleporting issue with Tusk. Not sure if the invisible part is a different issue or not.

        Dota Match id:126684184 matchtime 11:00 mins in..

        I use snowball to hit Brewmaster in middle lane and i'm invisible for a couple of frames afterwards...(use player perspective polsvoiceful)

        Exactly one minute later, 12:00 mins match time, I use snowball to hit Pudge on top lane, and teleport to mid afterwards(i'm in between tier one and tier two of radiant towers)
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          Tusk [Snowball] ports into enemy ancient

          Tusk's Snowball ports him into the opponent's ancient, no idea why.
          Match ID 127759658, at 40:30 game time (45:08 replay time)


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            mods will add this to previous report.


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              Tuskar appears in random posision after using Snowball.
              MatchID: 129628440 at 54:40



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                  Tusk snowball bug.

                  Match ID: 130383859

                  At around 33 mins 24 seconds replay time you can see Tusk (me) casting snowball on Luna, and getting randomly teleported to the radiant secret shop. Something similar happens a few mins later when i snowball centaur and get teleported to the river stairs on the bottom right.


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                      I Lolled so hard, I love that it happened twice.
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                        Dota Cinema DotaFails brought me here!


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                          Snow ball teleportation of Tusk

                          I've been playing tusk for a while but eventually I found out that sometimes I teleported in the other side of the map makes me fustrating ... do you guys experience it too?


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                            Do you have a match id ?
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                              This starts at 4.07 minute