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[Confirmed] Negative Armor [armour] is calculated incorrectly

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  • [Confirmed] Negative Armor [armour] is calculated incorrectly

    I would still care for a WC3 test of this, but this involves dota 2 mostly.

    It seems that the -20 armor & -71% damage amplification that was hardcoded in dota 1, Doesn't exist in dota 2. Not only is it visual, its also real it seems.
    Additionally, it seems that the (1-0.94^n) may be off by a bit.

    All taken from the post in the Brainstorming section.

    Originally posted by Synth View Post
    Huh. Always remembered it being +25% damage... Testing this now, and this possibly warrants a bug, since slardar with some massive -armor items, along with a dazzle, could destroy even PL with high armor exceedingly fast. Also going to see what the max damage amplification by unnatural means is, since the HIGHEST possible by one team alone is <-80.

    Ok, here it is.

    Damage with 8% resistance

    Damage with 38% resistance

    Maximum Amplification, about -800 armor, -97%. I've been hitting at about this point from now on.

    Hit w/o MoM at -97% resistance

    and then with.

    Using D*Crit*amp*MoM amp, which is 1926*4*1.97*1.3, and substituting/giving when needed.

    8% resist(.92 amplification)=7087.68 Very close to what is seen. No issues there.
    38% resist(.62 amplification)=4776.48 Also extremely close
    -97% resistance(1.97 amp)=15176.88 just under the 15220 seen.
    -97% resist with MoM amp=19729.944 also just under the amount seen.

    I think the damage amplification from -armor doesn't exist, nor is the exponential calculation of it correct.
    Post of the helpful person who also corrected my math and stumbled upon the possibility of the algorithm being wrong

    Originally posted by Wyn-Ryder View Post
    Try doing it with less variables? Also MoM is 1.3 times, not 1.25 times. Perhaps without the MoM active for one trial, to see if that's causing the issues or it is indeed just the armour calc?

    I did a few tests on MoM before and found that the only bug with it was with Dispersion (and perhaps other pseudo-evasions) where it wasn't multiplied correctly, as in this thread.

    Alright. Actually figured it out, there's no cap on armour, and if you use 1.95 * 1.3 * 4 = 10.14 modifier, so that equals 19530 damage, perhaps just rounding + hero damage fluctuating leading to it being slightly different.

    The bug is: Hero -armour is not capped.


    also I have no idea why it's "capping" at 94% increased damage (1 - 0.94^n) where n is the absolute value of your negative armour... It should be at +100% damage at -315 armour... Perhaps negative armour is calculated incorrectly? Probably worth an investigation.