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[Confirmed] Unstable Current purges Tusk before Snowball starts

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  • [Confirmed] Unstable Current purges Tusk before Snowball starts

    Unstable Current still purges Tusk before he gets into his snowball.

    1. Surge Tusk with Dark Seer.
    2. Use Snowball on Razor who has skilled Unstable Current.

    Result: Surge is purged before Snowball starts, so the speed boost from surge is not applied to the Snowball speed. Tusk is also damaged by Unstable Current.

    Expected: Surge (and all other purge-able buffs) is not purged, snowball moves at 150% * 522 speed. You are still surged after snowball ends. You took no damage from Unstable Current.

    Although the purge takes place before Snowball starts, Tusk is not slowed by the purge, so he moves at his normal snowball speed rather than the minimum of 200. This is correct behavior, but the solution is incorrect; Tusk shouldn't be affected by Unstable Current at all.
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    added to sticky.
    Originally posted by ThoAppelsin View Post
    Look Kaneomanie;

    It is not that the Snowball is being purged; it is the Tusk getting purged there. It happens like this:
    >Tusk targets Razor with Snowball
    >Tusk clicks on the Razor
    >Razor's Unstable Current hits Tusk, purges the Tusk and damages him
    >Snowball gets created
    >Tusk becomes invulnerable and hidden
    >Snowball begins to roll over

    You may test over DotA, an already purged (with Diffusal Blade, for example) Tusk rolls over slower with the Snowball, due to his speed being already low; and the calculation goes like [ 1,5 * max(133, Tusk'sMS) ].
    Snowball does not remove an already existent purge.

    Well, I've offered you guys to test, but you didn't, so here I tested it;
    In Dota 2:
    Damage and Purge > Spell is successfully cast (not sure about which kicks in first, though, doesn't really matter)

    In DotA:
    Spell is successfully cast > Damage and Purge (same)

    This can be easily checked by doing the thing I've offered, by casting Laguna Blade with a 20 HP Lina, against a Razor with Unstable Current. Lina dies without being able to cast in Dota 2, but she dies after casting in DotA.
    And this is the main reason why Tusk's Snowball is slowed down with this thing.

    I fully appreciate it being posted here on Critical Bugs.
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