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[Fixed] Power Cogs Push & Activation Directions

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  • [Fixed] Power Cogs Push & Activation Directions


    Well I couldn't be bothered unburying one of plenty of threads about cogs... So here it is. The main reason they're working so weird with triggering is because their trigger detection is wrong, and their push logic is incorrect (occasionally causing you to be pushed and zapped multiple times...)

    Cogs should only push you in the X and Y axis (NEVER diagonally), depending on a) if it's a side cog, and b) if it's a corner cog then depending on the side of it you're on. I was also able to attack the cogs (at melee range) on the corner without them zapping me away (IMPOSSIBLE in WC3 DotA)

    Cogs also manage to push you when you're running out of an opening... As seen in the video


    Can't be bothered, have a video.


    As video, and note that you can be pushed diagonally etc.

    Expected result:

    Those should be (sort of, I haven't done any calcs, or checked AoEs or anything, so totally indicative!) the approximate search AoEs, where it pushes it perpendicular to the cog (I.e. you approach the left side, within the 3 cogs range, you get pushed LEFT and ONLY left)

    (created to add on to )
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    added to sticky.

    wc3 video would be appreciated though.
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      Always want more, don't you!? :P I will see what I can do. But being pushed from the inside is definitely wrong.

      This is good enough for me. I didn't cover one from running through a destroyed cog, but seriously it should just work! And trust me on that :P This is primarily to show that you should ONLY be pushed in X/Y directions. No mixing allowed!
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        this is the 4th post/thread now and finally confirmed gj wyn


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          Ty for posting, cogs always felt really weird.


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            Finally confirmed, first step to a fix!


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              Has this been added to the fix list?

              I've found you actually attack the cogs at melee range if your an enemy without getting shocked which is ridiculous because it makes it really hard to do offensive style cogs where you try to trigger the shock.


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                Originally posted by TDA101 View Post
                Has this been added to the fix list?

                I've found you actually attack the cogs at melee range if your an enemy without getting shocked which is ridiculous because it makes it really hard to do offensive style cogs where you try to trigger the shock.
                so you are saying that you dont get shocked when attacking the cogs as melee? imo that works like in dota1 then. would be pretty poor if you are getting shocked only cuz of 128 attack range ...
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                  I think he means bugs sticky. Currently in dota 2 you can diagonally attack the corner cogs without being shocked while melee, which you couldn't do in dota 1.
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                    i would like to add that i also have experienced weird behavior by the cog unlike the behavior of the cog in dota 1
                    1- when cogging a hero and multiple creeps, often the hero will be pushed out even if he is in melee range with clock.
                    2- unless u do a instant hook+cog , 50-60% of the cogs will push the enemy hero outward even when clock is very close to the hero .
                    3- i dont recall the match ID of the game, but i've seen jugger's omnislash being interrupted by the cog

                    i believe the vacuum effect of the cog is still not fixed as i see many instances where cogs push heroes out where they should be sucking them in.
                    i hope this gets fixed ASAP especially with the rising trend of using clock in high level games as a hard lane solo.


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                      Everytime I rage because of this bugged spell I call him cogsucker
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