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[Resolved] Tranquil Boots Heal gets canceled by Jungle creeps

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  • [Resolved] Tranquil Boots Heal gets canceled by Jungle creeps

    Summary: In a game I recently played the Tranquil boots active ( heal ) was stopped by a Satyr/centaur/ursa/ancient set shortly after I activated them.

    Repro: 1) Get Centaur and get the Tranquil Boots.
    2) Enter the Radiant Jungle and face a Ursa/Centaur/Satyr set on the left bottom big set position.
    3) Activate tranquil boots ( maybe if you're 2/3 HP ) and attack the creepset.

    Result: The Tranquil boots Heal will get cancelled nearly immediately ( simultaniously with the first creep hit ).
    PS: This thing was tested in Radiant Jungle only, and the Wolf set seems to cancel the Tranquil Boots heal too.

    Expected: The Tranquil boots Heal should not be cancelled by creep hits at all, only by hero inflicted damage ( and no i did not Double Edge to hurt myself ).

    If you need more Information, please inform me about it.
    Yours sincerely, Goronot

  • #2
    This is perfectly normal. Please also use the search function there was massive thread on this, Tranquil both in D1 and D2 cancels after an instance of 20dmg.
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    • #3
      Stupid me, next time I report something, i will scan everything about it, if it actually is a bug! Thanks for the information.


      • #4
        BUT i used to jungle with old tranquil and had no problem doing this, so what is it then?


        • #5
          It's a fix to what was bugged before. It was just not documented in the updates (when it REALLY should have been, false report #2 of 100)
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          • #6
            Wait what? Isn't the heal only cancelled by 20 dmg or more from towers, players or player controlled units.

            from playdota:
            If you take 3 or more instances of damage (greater than 20) in the past 10 seconds, the item temporarily breaks and becomes basic boots (until the last 10 seconds don't have 3 instances). Same damage source rules as Blink Dagger.

            blink dagger:
            Cannot be used if the carrier was damaged by an enemy player-controlled unit in the last 3 seconds
            Self damage does not disable Blink, but damage from Roshan does

            I know playdota isn't updated to the current patch notes for tranquil boots but nowhere in those patch notes did it say tranquil boots heal are disabled by neutral creep damage as well.


            • #7
              Tranquil boots breaking rules are the same as blink dagger (just with a larger damage threshhold). Tranquil boots active heal, however is different. The heal is broken on any damage instance exceeding or equal to 20 (post-mitigation).

              So neutrals can stop the active heal but cannot break your boots.
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