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[Confirmed] Rubbick + Spectre's Dagger

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  • [Confirmed] Rubbick + Spectre's Dagger

    Rubick instantly stops benefiting from his already created Spectral Dagger path as soon as he loses the spell.
    He should still have no collision and the duration of the buff on him should keep getting refreshed as long as he stands on the path, even when he doesn't have the spell anymore.

    Since it's not a permanent effect, he shouldn't lose its benifits instantly when losing the spell.

    1) if Rubbick stoles and use spectral dagger seems to have perma "super walk" or whatever its called
    you can pass Through trees and cliffs for an unlimited time

    2) Repro: get lvl 6 on rubbick
    steal spectral dagger
    use spectral dagger
    while walking inside dagger path steal another skill
    permanent no collission granted

    Result: i can go where ever i want when ever i want (yes i even walked next to dire fountain Through the trees)

    Expected: this should not happen ever since is too imba

    i just played the game so you can check it if its possible
    MATCH ID: 160346076
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    Very easy to reproduce, just steal another spell while rubick is on his own spectral dagger path (doesn't work if he left the path) and no collision will stay active on rubick. Needs hotfix.
    Last edited by Kaneomanie; 03-28-2013, 07:36 PM.


    • #3
      thank you i didnt knew how exactly it happened, that steps seem to work, reproduction updated


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        added to sticky.
        Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

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        My Suggestion: Coaching System
        My Sticky: Intended Changes List
        My Challenge: Completely Fixed Hero Challenge: Skywrath Mage


        • #5
          Ninja fixed, although it's currently still pretty buggy - rubick loses phased movement (and bonus movespeed) over the dagger as soon as he loses the spectral dagger skill...
          Last edited by Wyn-Ryder; 03-29-2013, 05:40 PM.
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          • #6
            so it has been fixed already


            • #7
              "Sort of fixed" or semifixed is what I'd call it... Spectral dagger is bugged on rubick, but to his detriment rather than benefit now
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              • #8
                no i dont think its bugged, if you dont have the spectral dagger skill you're not supposed to be phased even though you are on the spectral dagger path


                • #9
                  Not really ninjafixed, there is a changelog that can be found both on Steam News and the
                  - Rubick: Fixed Rubick gaining infinite no-collision if he stole another spell while following the Spectral Dagger path.

                  And also, arguably the current state can be thought as proper right now. (I did not test myself, just reading what Wyn said)
                  But if we consider the current state as correct, then why is, for example, Shadow Word getting dispelled as soon as you steal another spell, or Ion Shell, or anything?


                  • #10
                    I think that this is the reason of a new expedition inside the JASS continent, ThoAppelsin !! The mystery has to get solved ^^