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[Confirmed]Windrunner's Shackleshot's tree searching angle range is way too wide

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  • [Confirmed]Windrunner's Shackleshot's tree searching angle range is way too wide

    Do the math yourself if you want; you have to calculate the arctan[(xDifference / yDifference)]
    It is ~25.8 degrees in positive and negative direction (something between 25.757 and 25.873)
    it should be 21 degrees in positive and negative direction

    Actually, it is the same as unit searching angle at the moment. Unit searching angle is also ~25.8, which actually should be 26, but the outcome is almost the same for that one, matters about 0~3 units depending on how far the secondary target is.

    Anyway, there should be seperate searching angles for both trees and units.
    Here is the proof from the code:

    01  function Func2456 takes nothing returns nothing
    02    local destructable loc_destructable01=GetEnumDestructable()
    03    local real loc_real01=Atan2(GetDestructableY(loc_destructable01)-GetUnitY(unit124),GetDestructableX(loc_destructable01)-GetUnitX(unit124))
    04    local real loc_real02=RAbsBJ((real009-loc_real01)*bj_RADTODEG)
    05    if(Func0094(loc_destructable01)or GetDestructableTypeId(loc_destructable01)=='B005')and GetDestructableLife(loc_destructable01)>1 and loc_real02<real298 and loc_real02<(real299-5)then
    06      set real298=loc_real02
    07      set destructable001=loc_destructable01
    08    endif
    09    set loc_destructable01=null
    10  endfunction
    Focus on the line 5.
    This function is called for every unit that has been grouped as viable secondary tree-targets.
    real298 is 9999 by default, but changes on every call
    real299 is set to 26, which is used raw on the other function where viable units are detected, but reduced by 5 in this one

    This function is used for finding the target that has the least angle difference, with a maximum of 21 degrees difference.

    Actually, even when this gets fixed to be 21 degrees, Shackleshot tree searching area will still be greater than what it was in DotA in average... but whatever, that will make things complicated

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    FINALLY !!


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      GF to all those non-believers.


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          Nice to see some real data for once instead of "I feel.." reports on this issue.

          BTW, you don't need to produce the jass for absolutely everything Applesin. Most of the people who know this mechanic would know about the different tree searching angle. Posting the discrepancy between the two games is enough, with emphasis on specific differences (tree search is wrong, is 26deg, should be 21deg) rather than your methodology or the code, because otherwise the report is very long and hard to absorb quickly for any devs reading.

          (And 21 vs 26 is not 'way too wide' really. We would have found this out via visual tests long ago if that was the case :/ )
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            There are three reasons why I provide the code and explain it:
            - firstly and most importantly, I enjoy it. But if that is the case that it is becoming tiring for the devs to find the focus, I will then post the focus as the original post of my threads, with the proof from Dota 2 if necessary; and then explain it on a following post
            - second reason is that I think some people might be enjoying the read of such reports, and I really try to make my reports enjoyable while reading. For example, recently I have been making slow-mo videos on my reports, which are there just to keep it entertaining
            - lastly... well, I am kind of fed up with seeing unbased sourceless shooting down with "no it is not like that in DotA" or "no you are wrong" or "source??? I think you are wrong" or "intended.", taking over my reports... When people see the code, they get more serious. Seeing the code is like hitting against a wall to them. When there is the code around for people to see themselves, they cannot say random unbased things that so recklessly. It still leaves them a window to say their opinions about it. They still can say that "I would rather like to have it this way" etc..

            And the difference between 21 and 26 really is big actually...
            26 is about 24% higher than 21. It basically multiples the searching area by 1.25
            and it can increase the searching range by up to 42*2 units on the perpendicular axis:

            525 * (sin26 - sin21) = 42.00 units difference on both sides on the perpenicular axis
            525 * sin21 = 188.14 is how wide it should be, and 42 is 22% of it, meaning that it is about 22% wider

            I don't know... I would call this "way too", but of course one can call it "slightly" too


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              just want to ask, any reason tree search angle is narrower than unit search angle?


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                We need the Ice to answer that
                I think the reason might be that the map is already filled with trees, so it has been made to be more narrow than the unit search angle range, to even out the unit latching and tree latching a little


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                  it's a point. i agree with u. probably for balance reason. also trees are stationary while units are generally moving.
                  btw bother answering this?


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                    I am thinking over it, and how I can find it out... I have that tab open on my browser, which will remain open until I answer it
                    The way I found it in Dota 2 was tiring, and is impossible for me to use in DotA aswell for some reason, so I have to find another way, maybe somehow find it in the code somehow, and I don't even know if the trees being created through jass


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                      Well in that playdota thread didn't it say they have to be on multiples of 32? I'd probably just try to guess it with -setxy If it's multiples of 32 you can't get that far off, surely
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                        like that was something new... Shackle binding from every wierd angle and 20k range, happening every time


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                          Yeah, multiples of 64 not 32. 32 is for regions, 64 for trees. That'll work

                          No it doesn't work... I still cannot tell it precisely even with the 64
                          Last edited by ThoAppelsin; 03-30-2013, 06:44 AM.


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                            also it shakles after blink

                            KEEP IN SHADOWS


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                              Originally posted by Kraivo View Post
                              also it shakles after blink
                              that's not a bug