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[Confirmed] OD Essence Aura doesn't proc for allies' items

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  • [Confirmed] OD Essence Aura doesn't proc for allies' items

    Before I start, I would like to note that if there is something posted about this already, I am sorry,but I have
    at least attempted to look through the intended changes thread and confirmed bugs thread.

    That said, today I went into a lobby with cheats and -wtf mode on, and gave outworld destroyer and
    medusa both arcane boots and mjollnirs. Outworld and Medusa could both proc essence aura with spells,
    as in their skills, such as OD's arcane orb, and medusa's snake, but while there was a ring surrounding outworld destroyer that indicated essence aura's proc when I activated both the arcane boots and mjollnir, no such evidence of a proc could be found on medusa, no mana was restored, as far as I could tell, as I used a Lion bot to drain medusa's mana as well as OD's.

    That said, I believe I can conclusively state that items abilities did not proc on medusa, yet they would with outworld destroyer. I do not believe this is intended, obviously, as I have heard nothing about such a detail about essence aura anywhere. The items have cooldowns, and therefore should proc essence aura.

    Finally, I would like to note that I did test this on chen as well, to make sure there wasn't something that made sure medusa herself couldn't specifically proc ES on spells, and he couldn't seem to use essence aura on item abilities either.

    -Takes in deep breath

    EDIT: How the hell did this get here? Please move it to gameplay bugs,
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    Essence Aura does not activate upon using items

    E: Nvm, this is a report for allies not being able to proc the aura with items.

    Tried it and he's right.

    Adding and edited title to make it more clear.
    Last edited by bu3ny; 08-31-2013, 01:06 AM.
    Please, just call me buny.


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      This will be tested on next Update and repeatedly update this post until it's fixed!
      P.S Still broken on 20th September Update!
      23 september: The results are the same and nothing has been changed!
      1 October: Results are the same and nothing has been changed!
      7 october: Still the same Results and nothing has been changed!
      Last edited by PaP3s; 10-08-2013, 05:24 AM. Reason: Update
      Originally posted by blash365
      are you aware that carries can also buy wards and courier after finishing their second rapier?


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        This used to be a Bug, but on the Latest patch it was changed!
        - Items no longer trigger Essence Aura
        Last edited by PaP3s; 10-21-2013, 01:48 PM.
        Originally posted by blash365
        are you aware that carries can also buy wards and courier after finishing their second rapier?


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          This is not relevant anymore since itens do not trigger essence aura as of 6.79

          Totally didnt read the post above


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            Obsolete since the latest patch. Didn't read the previous post either.


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              Fixed, sort of! Items no longer trigger when used by Outworld Devourer, That means Items used by allies will not Trigger Essence Aura!
              Originally posted by blash365
              are you aware that carries can also buy wards and courier after finishing their second rapier?