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[Confirmed] Interaction of Spiked Carapace, Blade Mail, and Itself

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  • [Confirmed] Interaction of Spiked Carapace, Blade Mail, and Itself

    Summary: Spiked Carapace is interacting incorrectly with and against Blade Mail and against itself.

    1. Grab yourself a Nyx (nyyx nyyyyyyyyx) Assassin and a Grand Magus on opposite teams
    2. Level them up appropriately; Spell Steal Spiked Carapace
    3. Grab each of them a Blade Mail
    4. Demonstrate each of these cases:
    Assume Source has the properties on the left and Target has the properties across the top.
    Assume Source damages Target for 100 damage after reductions; first value is damage Source takes, second value is damage Target takes, s indicates unit is stunned, 200 damage is always dealt in two instances.
    Source\Target None Blade Mail Spiked Carapace Blade Mail and Spiked Carapace
    None 0\100 100\100 100s\0 200s\0
    Blade Mail 0\100 100\100 100s\100 200s\100
    Spiked Carapace 0\100 0\200s 0s\100s 100s\100s
    Blade Mail and Spiked Carapace 0\100 0\200s 0s\200s 200s\200s
    The table shows the expected case from DotA 1.
    The actual case in Dota 2 is that only the first row and first column are all correct, the others will only cause either 100\100 or 100s\0 depending on if the Target has Blade Mail or Spiked Carapace.

    Explanation: Currently there are several (depending on how you count) individual bugs at work:
    • Blade Mail ignores all damage sourced from Blademail; this is correct.
    • Blade Mail ignores all damage sourced from Spiked Carapace; it should reflect the damage.
    • Spiked Carapace will neither negate nor reflect (and apply stun) from damage sourced from Blade Mail; it should prevent and reflect all damage for one instance, applying stun.
    • Spiked Carapace will neither negate nor reflect (and apply stun) from damage sourced from Spiked Carapace; it should prevent and reflect all damage for one instance, applying stun. Since the Target's Spiked Carapace was consumed by the original damage instance, the original damage should be applied to the Target.
    • Blade Mail ignores all damage prevented by a triggered heal, such as Spiked Carapace; it should proceed to reflect the damage that would have been taken had it not been negated (someone might want to verify if Blade Mail operates this way for other triggered heals).
    • I suspect that Spiked Carapace will ignore damage prevented by another triggered heal; if so, this is incorrect. It should proceed to reflect the damage that would have been taken had it not been negated, applying stun. It should also heal for the damage doubly prevented by both Spiked Carapace and the other triggered heal; however, this part is most likely considered unintended and a bug to be fixed with Dota 2.

    While we're here, another minor bug: refreshing Spiked Carapace only increases the duration. It should reset the duration and clear the already hit group; that is, units should be able to have their damage reflected once more.

    Table formatting totally stolen from the Orb Effects thread.
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    There are so many triggered heal bugs at work at the moment that are supposedly intended, or perhaps they are waiting til they're done? But anyway I'd say for the blademail + carapace stacking for 200% return isn't going to get fixed anytime soon and that part's a duplicate (you also don't lifesteal against spiked carapace, your heart doesn't dispel (IIRC) and your health pots won't cancel (iirc) it completely negates the damage)
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      I didn't find any other triggered heal bugs on the Known Bugs list currently. I remember Lanaya and Void had all sorts of issues with how Refraction and Backtrack nullified damage, and that those were (supposedly) fixed. Anyways, I figure it's worth noting; at the end of the day, this can be added to either the Known Bugs list or the Intended Changes list.

      I searched again and couldn't find Blade Mail + Spiked Carapace on the Known Bugs list; it's definitely still working like the above.

      Edit: I'm wrong, Blade Mail not reflecting Spiked Carapace damage is a presumed Intended Fix; Carapace not reflecting all damage could be worth noting though.
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        There are other Blademail bugs besides this one I think, such as one regarding Mass Serpent Wards. Fixing Item bugs is pretty important in my opinion.
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          added to sticky.
          Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

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