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[Confirmed] Previously Autocastable Spells Not Autocastable

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  • [Confirmed] Previously Autocastable Spells Not Autocastable

    Threads have been made about this before, but I wanted to compile them/add some more.
    (It should be noted that spells on autocast in DotA 1 were not "always" cast, but were cast "often" when the condition was fufilled. I don't know the precise behavior that triggered these. The spells' "auto-acquire range" was also quite generous, and casters would move to place their buffs, sometimes without having the caster get aggroeed.)

    Previously autocastable spells that have had their autocast behavior changed (consider fixed)
    • Lich's Frost Armor (Ice Armor: attempts to cast only on nearby Heroes that receive damage and don't have Ice Armor, used to cast on any nearby ally that received damage)
    • Ogre Magi's Bloodlust (Bloodlust: attempts to cast on nearby Heroes that don't already have Bloodlust regardless of combat, used to cast on any nearby ally that went into combat)

    Previously autocastable spells that are no longer autocastable
    • Enchantress's Enchant (based on [Aslo] Slow (Sorceress), attempts to cast on nearby enemies in combat, applied correct effect based on Hero or creep)
    • Bounty Hunter's Track (based on [Afae] Faerie Fire (Druid of the Talon), attempts to cast on nearby enemies in combat)
    • Slardar's Amplify Damage (based on [Afae] Faerie Fire (Druid of the Talon), attempts to cast on nearby enemies in combat)
    • Magnus's Empower (based on [Ainf] Inner Fire (Priest), attempts to cast on allies in combat)
    • Forge Spirit's Melting Strike (should be able to be toggled off)
    • Spiderling's Spawn Spiderite (should be able to be toggled off)

    Previously autocastable Neutral abilities that are no longer so (Doom's devoured versions work the same way)
    • Ogre Magi's Frost Armor (Ogre Frostmage's Ice Armor) (Frost Armor: attempts to cast only on nearby Heroes that receive damage and don't have Frost Armor)
    • Dark Troll Warlord's Raise Dead (Dark Troll Summoner's Raise Dead) (Attempts to cast on any available nearby corpses)

    Abilities that are Forest Troll High Priest's Heal (Hill Troll Priest's Heal)
    • Forest Troll High Priest's Heal (Hill Troll Priest's Heal)
    • This ability is always autocasted when it belongs to the Hill Troll and cannot be turned off. Doom's version of this spell is never autocasted instead. The auto-acquire range for autocasting this spell appears to be much lower than it was in DotA 1.

    Abilities that are Ghost's Frost Attack
    • Ghost's Frost Attack
    • This ability should be an autocasting attack effect that costs 12 mana. On Doom, it should change to a passive that costs zero mana.

    // Everything below this line is not really bugged (unless you're a pedant) but noted for posterity //

    Abilities that are Morphling's Morph
    • Morphling's Morph
    • This ability has been changed from an autocastable spell to a toggle. Likely all intended changes, but I'll go ahead and note the DotA 1 behavior.
    • Morph gave you two abilities: Strength Morph and Agility Morph. Attempting to manually cast them switched 2 attributes at a time and put the skill on a 1/0.75/0.5/0.25s cooldown for Strength Morph and 1/1/0.75/0.5s cooldown for Agility Morph. This would incur a manacost of 30/15/10/7.5 mana removal (not manacost). Setting them to autocast caused the behavior currently represented by the toggle (they would never actually be "cast," meaning the spells weren't put on cooldown), with one exception: trying to manually cast the one you had on autocast would do nothing (so you couldn't Morph faster than you should) but pressing the opposite one to the one you had on autocast would have you Morph once in reverse.

    Abilities that are Puck's Phase Shift
    • Puck's Phase Shift (This can still have its autocast toggled in DotA 1, but it will be toggled off immediately via trigger.)

    Edit: added some stuff.
    Edit: formatting
    Last edited by imxtrabored; 04-29-2013, 10:12 PM.

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    Well... I believe there's just a trigger to disable the autocast every time you press it with Puck (the border doesn't circle around ever)
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      You're right, and I was wrong, and I swear it was different, but I just tested it.


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        added to sticky.
        Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

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          pls fix the hill troll heal on doom. if you're lucky enough to grab this creep as a solo mid doom, that heal can be the difference between a won or a lost lane
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