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[Confirmed] Razor's Eye of the Storm does not reduce armor of Juggernaut in Omnislash

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  • [Confirmed] Razor's Eye of the Storm does not reduce armor of Juggernaut in Omnislash

    normal map (its not an anomaly in test map)
    Last edited by li.lo; 05-21-2013, 05:01 AM.
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  • #2
    so EotS could target invulneralbe units? how about units under song of the siren?


    • #3
      tested it with SotS/Eul's and EotS didnt strike on the invulnerable hero
      „Die Kinder von heute kennen kein Vaterunser, dafür aber Deinemudder.“


      • #4
        Test map bug? It seems quite odd to me...
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        • #5
          i could test on normal map
          but first need to download kloader

          Edit: still the same. added new video for this scenario with normal map
          Last edited by li.lo; 05-21-2013, 05:00 AM.
          „Die Kinder von heute kennen kein Vaterunser, dafür aber Deinemudder.“


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            added to sticky.
            strange interaction.
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              I think you just found a bug in dota1.


              • #8
                I'm not certain why this happens; my only possible explanation:

                Omnislash invulnerability is granted through SetUnitInvulnerable() while Invulnerability in Cyclone and Song of the Siren appear to be granted through buffs, which may pause the unit? Negative armor from Eye of the Storm is granted through spellbook abilities, so there may be an issue giving abilities to units who are disabled through such buffs.

                While I'm at it, further notes on Eye of the Storm if someone wants to test/report:
                Eye of the Storm should always attempt to apply its effects on the lowest health unit in range with the following criterion:
                Is visible to Razor
                Is enemy of Razor
                Does not posses Marker
                Is not dead
                Is not a structure (Agh's: can be a structure, but is not Moon Well or Ziggurat (note that other filler buildings are not excluded))
                Is not Roshan

                If for any reason it cannot affect the lowest health unit with those criterion, then it will simply not fire at all. For instance, if Tidehunter has 100 hp under Song of the Siren and Treant has 200 hp but not under Song of the Siren, Eye of the Storm will choose Tidehunter and do nothing for that round.

                When lightning strikes, the physical damage should be delayed 0.3 seconds, but the armor reduction is applied "immediately" (read: as soon as it is calculated, which takes an unnoticeable amount of time).

                I'm pretty sure the second one is definitely wrong at least; does someone want to test these in Dota 2?

                Edit: Eye of the Storm's damage is definitely wrong though. Valve rounded 37.5/50/62.5 to 37/50/63 in Dota 2.

                Edit: I misinterpereted something. The first two sections and the previous edit are partialy incorrect.
                Last edited by imxtrabored; 05-24-2013, 08:32 AM.