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[Confirmed] Omnislash kills Haunt illusions in 1 hit

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  • [Confirmed] Omnislash kills Haunt illusions in 1 hit

    Pretty straight forward glitch. Omnislash kills spectre's haunt illusions in 1 hit, as if they were neutral creeps, when it is definitely not supposed to.
    It says right in the description:

    Creeps are killed in one hit of omnislash. (this does not include player controlled units or ancients).
    But its killing haunt illusions in 1 hit.
    Bizarrely, this only applies to illusions from haunt. I have tested the following illusion skills:

    Replicate: Not killed
    Disruption: Not killed
    Spirit Lance: Not killed
    Dopplewalk: Not killed
    Juxtapose: Not killed
    Mirror Image (Naga): Not killed
    Phantasm: Not killed
    Wall of Replica: Not killed
    Manta Style: Not killed
    Illusion Rune: Not killed
    Haunt: Killed instantly even at 7000+ HP

    This can make the juggernaut vs spectre matchup totally broken. He can kill a full haunt with omnislash with plenty to spare (enough to kill a refresher haunt even), when if it worked like dota 1, haunt would screw omnislash up and not the other way around. Its a very gamebreaking bug for the matches it applies to.
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    Are you sure that it was the case in WC3 Dota?


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      Yes, omnislash only kills non-player controlled units / creeps in 1 hit, not illusions. WC3 haunt is just illusions like any other skill, with a trigger that gives them orders nonstop
      Why they are treated differently in dota 2 is inexplicable.


      • #4
        It might not because you can no longer control the haunts. I mean technically they are non-player controlled illusions so i guess it makes sense.


        • #5
          They are classified as player controlled units in wc3, its simply that any orders you could give to them would be ignored due to the trigger reissuing the attack command


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            I see 2 hits in the combat log.


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              Originally posted by boieru View Post
              I see 2 hits in the combat log.
              That's because onmislash causes regular physical attacks during the ability, so jugernaut hit the illusion with a normal attack, then the instakill ultimate hit.


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                well anyone want to confirm this?


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                  i do
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                    I can confirm this.


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                      Should get confirmation that it doesn't work that way in wc3, but theres no conceivable reason it would given the way the two are triggered (haunt illusions are just standard illusions in the wc3 engine, and omnislash only instakills non-hero units, and illusions are hero units)


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                        I can confirm that omnislash DOES NOT one-shot illusions in WC3.
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