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[Confirmed] Dota 2 Missing Up To 0.25 Second Reaction Delay For Auto Attacks

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  • [Confirmed] Dota 2 Missing Up To 0.25 Second Reaction Delay For Auto Attacks

    I'll make this one brief (I lied, that's just code for me copy-pasting most of this write-up).

    Topic was previously discussed on this forum here (read the whole thread, there's a lot of good content and tests), but under a different bug reported. I think this is significant enough that it's worth mentioning.

    Units in DotA 1 have a random 0-0.25 second "reaction delay" when attacking. This seems to serve no function but cosmetic, as demonstrated in the previously linked thread and in another thread linked below. However, its presence does cause a gameplay effect. This delay does not exist in Dota 2 (Create some Eidolons with Enigma, aggro a neutral camp with Enigma. Results: Eidolons attack at the same time. Expected: Eidolons attacks are randomly shuffled.). This only affects attack orders. This value could have been changed in DotA 1, but Icefrog decided not to.

    From this PlayDotA guide:

    When an attack command is issued against a target or target location a random delay ranging between 0 and ReactionDelay seconds will be enforced. This only applies to physical attacks and not to movement commands, spells, dropping items, buying items, etc. This delay is issued on all attack commands, be it due to the Call For Help constant, right clicking the target, a-clicking the ground or triggered attack commands. Note that this constant works the same for attacks against allies.

    This constant is applied at the beginning of a chain of attacks and not on each individual attack. If you cancel a string of attacks against a target and issue a new attack order this constant will be applied again, regardless if you're targetting the same unit as previously (this also counts for clicking the same unit twice). Spells interfere just as any other order, regardless of the nature of the skill (unit target, point target or no-target) with the exceptions being the following abilities; manually casted arrow effects (such as Searing Arrows), Berserk, Immolation and Defend.

    At what moment in time this constant is applied depends on how you issue the order, though basically there are three things which may happen;
    1. Your unit stands still at the spot before moving into range to issue the attack command.
      - Right clicking the target
      - A-clicking the target
      - Getting a help request from an allied unit
      - When you auto-acquire a target
      - Triggered "attack unit X" commands
    2. Your unit walks into range equal to the value of the FollowRange constant before continuing to issue the order.
      - When the order could not be issued immidietly (e.g. Ethereal [Decrepify] or Drunken Haze [disabling attacks, used in Deafening Blast] and thus can't attack normally)
    3. Your unit walks into aqcuisition range before continuing to issue the order.
      - A-clicking the ground and encountering a hostile unit
      - Triggered "attack-move to ground point(X,Y)" commands

    In the last case the range at which the unit stops is decided by three factors;
    1. Your unit's collision size
    2. Your unit's acquisition range
    3. The enemy unit's collision size

    Through adding these three factors together (YourCollisionSize+YourAcquisitionRange+EnemyColli sionSize) you get the range at which your unit will stop before enaging the enemy unit.

    See also: this PlayDotA thread.

  • #2
    Yeah I believe this to be an intentional change I'm afraid
    in wc3 it mostly served the purpose of making attack sounds and animations look less robotic by spreading them out, but dota 2 can do that without negatively influencing gameplay

    As for dota 1, its quite probably that icefrog simply does not know what the constant does, given how it is glitched with sleight of fist to make it work horribly wrong


    • #3
      I don't care if it's intended, but if it is, it should be changed in DotA 1. I just report differences.

      I bet Icefrog has read the Advanced Mechanics Guides on his own forums at least, so I doubt he doesn't know what this does.


      • #4
        If it was removed in dota 1, it would negatively impact the aesthetics, whereas in dota 2 noise can be added to sound/graphics without gameplay consequence
        A bet on icefrogs programming ability is a losing wager, don't make it


        • #5
          I am 90% sure Appelsin has made a thread about this in the past, but I can't be bothered searching right now.
          Comprehensive Damage Reduction & Amplifications Dota 2 Guide


          • #6
            nothing good to change it


            • #7
              We can call it an intended change maybe


              • #8
                adding this to the sticky as "annoyance".
                it always bothered me when jungling with enigma.
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                • #9
                  This would effect Axe spins


                  • #10
                    I like this change.