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[Confirmed] List of all spells that have wrong interractions with Visage's Familiars

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  • [Confirmed] List of all spells that have wrong interractions with Visage's Familiars

    As the title says, due to the big ammount of wrong interractions of various heroes spells/items with Visage's familiars instead of creating a new thread for each and everyone one of them i will add them up in this thread.

    If you find something that is not included in this list or in my previous threads then PM me and i will add it in the list.

    EDIT:Thanks to li.lo for helping me with the list !

    P.S, "Unaffected" means that the familiars don't get the debuff they're supposed to get it doesn't mean that they don't get the damage from that spell (except for some particular spells)
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    Use Google Docs or a table cuz it looks messy
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      Why don't you add the contents of the other threads here and ask for blash to remove the extra threads?

      Good job btw


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        Originally posted by li.lo View Post
        Use Google Docs or a table cuz it looks messy
        Uhm i know it does look messy and even though i don't know how to use Google Docs but i will try to clean this up a little bit.


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          I had some time and tested all str heroes' spells on the familliars in dota1 and 2. Found looots of differences. I will post them tomorrow here.
          So if you going to test more, dont bother with str heroes.

          I'll see if I can do the rest in the next few days. Today was only enough for str.
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            added to sticky.
            good job.
            Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

            Contributions i'd like to highlight:
            My Suggestion: Coaching System
            My Sticky: Intended Changes List
            My Challenge: Completely Fixed Hero Challenge: Skywrath Mage


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              Does Lunas ult consider familiars for targets in dota 1?

              Same question for dota 2.


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                Originally posted by jam3972 View Post
                Does Lunas ult consider familiars for targets in dota 1?

                Same question for dota 2.
                Nope, Eclipse wouldn't hit familiars in both DotA 1 & 2.


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                  Your spectral dagger test is incorrect I believe --> it shouldn't give bonus MS to familiars if they're on spectre's team. Only heroes (or illusions of heroes) owned by spectre [or rubick] should get bonus ms from spectral dagger.
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                    Originally posted by Wyn-Ryder View Post
                    Your spectral dagger test is incorrect I believe --> it shouldn't give bonus MS to familiars if they're on spectre's team. Only heroes (or illusions of heroes) owned by spectre [or rubick] should get bonus ms from spectral dagger.
                    Yeah, you're right.I thought that since it lowers speed it should also increase their movement speed.Thanks.


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                      Here is what I got by now. I write only the stuff which is wrong in Dota2 and put things in grey which you already have in that doc.
                      All spells marked with * place a slow/stun debuff on the familliars, without actually slowing/stunning them.


                      Fissure: Moves familliars aside. *

                      Aftershock: Doesn't stun *

                      Centaur Warrunner:

                      Hoofstomp: Doesn't stun *

                      Double Edge: Doesn't mini-stun

                      Stampede: damages *


                      Tidebringer: Doesn't damage

                      X Marks The Spot: Fully works


                      Degen Aura: Doesn't slow movement speed
                      (it does slow attackspeed though, which is correct)


                      Thunderclap: Doesn't slow *

                      Drunken Haze: Doesn't slow

                      Primal Split - Hurl Boulder: Doesn't stun *

                      Primal Split - Cyclone: Fully works


                      Storm Bolt: Doesn't stun (note: In DotA1, it only stuns when the Familliar is the primary target. Not affected by the AoE stun.) *

                      Warcry: Fully works

                      Greater Cleave: Doesn't damage

                      Treant Protector:

                      Nature's Guise: Doesn't increase movement speed

                      Leech Seed: Doesn't slow

                      Overgrowth: shows visual effects (roots) and interrupts last command *


                      Unstable Concuction: and damages (note: This goes for the spell's AoE effect.) *


                      Avalanche: Doesn't stun *

                      Toss: Can toss other units to them (note: In DotA1, Toss can't target familliars at all. Says can't target ancients)

                      Craggy Extarior: Doesn't stun *

                      Grow! - agha cleave: Doesn't damage


                      Tether: Doesn't increase movement speed *

                      Spirits: Affets the familliars like regular creeps (don't explode on colliding, small damage, take damage when being close to them when they explode)

                      Overcharge: Doesn't grant damage reduction

                      Relocate: Fully works

                      Elder Titan:

                      Echo Stomp: Doesn't affect them at all (should fully work)


                      Hookshot: Damages, Doesn't disable them while Clockwerk pulls himself towards them (this is different than the actual stun, which shouldn't and doesn't hit them) *

                      Dragon Knight:

                      Dragon Tail: Doesn't stun *

                      Elder Dragon Form - Frost Breath: Doesn't slow *


                      Inner Vitality: Castable on them with no effect (note: Shouldn't be castable on them)

                      Lifebreak: Doesn't slow *


                      Viscous Nasal Goo: Doesn't slow


                      Ice Shards: Damages

                      Snowball: Damages *

                      Walrus Punch: Doesn't slow, familliars can still attack/turn while being knocked up. *


                      Culling Blade: gives movement speed boost (Axe as ally)

                      Skeleton King:

                      Hellfire Blast: Doesn't stun and slow *

                      Mortal Strike: Fully works

                      Reincarnation: Doesn't slow *


                      Reverse Polarity: Pulls and doesn't stun *

                      Chaos Knight:

                      Chaos Bolt: Doesn't stun *


                      Devour - Purge: Doesn't slow *

                      Devour - Mana Burn: Can be cast on them (shouldn't be able to target because no mana pool)

                      Devour - Unholy Aura: Affects them

                      Devour - Tornado: Doesn't slow *

                      Devour - Speed Aura: Doesn't increase movement speed

                      Devour - Hoof Stomp: Doesn't stun *

                      Devour - Heal: Fully works (shouldn't be able to target)

                      Devour - Mana Aura: Affects them

                      Devour - Thunder Clap: Doesn't slow *

                      Devour - Frost Attack: Doesn't slow *

                      LVL? Death: Fully works

                      Doom: Can't target them


                      Open Wounds: Doesn't slow

                      Infest: Damages


                      Howl: Fully works


                      Void: Doesn't ministun and slow *


                      Slithereen Crush: Doesn't stun and slow, damages *

                      Bash: Doesn't stun *


                      Soul Rip: Counts them as secondary targets

                      Tombstone: Doesn't slow *

                      Flesh Golem: Doesn't slow *


                      Gush: Doesn't slow

                      Spirit Breaker:

                      Charge of Darkness: Doesn't stun, Greater bashes them as secondary targets *

                      Empowering Haste: Doesn't increase movement speeed

                      Greater Bash: Familliars can still attack/turn while being knocked back, doesn't stun (note: this goes also for the Greater Bash applied via charge and ulti)

                      Nether Strike: Fully works


                      Burrow Strike: Knocks in air (can still attack/turn), damages *

                      Sandstorm: Damages

                      Epicenter: Damages *
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                        Originally posted by bu3ny View Post
                        . . .
                        Thanks, i will add these changes.

                        EDIT: As for the this :
                        Relocate: Fully works
                        It works in DotA 1 aswell.
                        Last edited by EbToX; 06-07-2013, 11:40 AM.


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                          Added items that have wrong interractions with Familiars in the list.
                          (second page)


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                            *= spell places debuff/buff, with no effect (no stun/slow/ms boost)

                            This forum really needs [spoiler].


                            Mana Void: Doesn't mini-stun *


                            Headshot: Doesn't stun *

                            Assassinate: Doesn't mini-stun *


                            Blade Fury: Damages


                            Lucent Beam: Castable, places debuff


                            Adaptive Strike: Can't target

                            Naga Siren

                            Ensnare: Doesn't prevent movement

                            Phantom Lancer

                            Spirit Lance: Doesn't slow *


                            Sacred Arrow: Doesn't stun *

                            Leap: Places debuff (Note: Doesn't boost ms which is right.)

                            Troll Warlord:

                            Berserker's Rage - Bash: Doesn't stun *

                            Whirling Axes ranged: Damages *

                            Whirling Axes melee: Damages *


                            Homing Missile: Doesn't stun *

                            Drow Ranger

                            Frost Arrows: Doesn't slow *

                            Templar Assassin

                            Psi Blades: Damages

                            Psionic Trap: Places debuff

                            Ursa Warrior

                            Earthshock: Doesn't slow *

                            Vengeful Spirit

                            Magic Missile: Doesn't stun *

                            Wave of Terror: Doesn't reduce armor (@OP: you wrote that it damages them in DotA1, but it doesn't)

                            Nether Swap agh: Just a small issue. When trying to cast on them, it shows no error message. Besides that, it works as it should (means it doesn't work on them).

                            Bounty Hunter

                            Shuriken Toss: Doesn't mini-stun *

                            Jinada: Doesn't slow *

                            Track: Doesn't increase movement speed *


                            Bloodrage: Fully works


                            Spiderlings - Poison Sting: Doesn't slow

                            Spiderlings - Spawn Spiderite: Fully works

                            Incapacitating Bite: Doesn't slow, doesn't apply miss chance *

                            Nyx Assassin

                            Mana Burn: can target (doesn't do anything though)

                            Spiked Carapace: Stuns Visage

                            Phantom Assassin

                            Stiffling Dagger: Doesn't slow *


                            Requiem of Souls: Doesn't slow


                            Spectral Dagger: Can directly target them, doesn't slow *


                            Venemous Gale: Doesn't slow *

                            Poison Sting: Doesn't slow *


                            Earthbind: Doesn't affect

                            Poof: Doesn't damage

                            Geostrike: Doesn't slow


                            Static Link: Fully works

                            Faceless Void:

                            Timewalk: Places debuff

                            Timelock: Doesn't stun (note: Visually, the Familliars are frozen, but not stunned) *
                            Please, just call me buny.


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                              You guys! <3