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[Fixed] Units cant attack for a long time after Enchantress' Untouchable debuff

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  • [Fixed] Units cant attack for a long time after Enchantress' Untouchable debuff

    1. Attack enemy Enchantress with lvl 4 Untouchable and let the unit finish its attack
    2. try to attack a other Hero

    Result: you cannot attack for upto 7 seconds
    Expected Result: after the untouchable debuff wears off you should be able to attack normally again

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  • #2
    The second part of step 1 isn't necessary - I managed to do it with just initiating an attack on enchantress, then changing to another unit (when your attack speed is low enough)

    I believe it's somewhat to do with backswing, and frontswing being initiated while having that slow on you. I'll have to investigate further tonight.
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    • #3
      Never mind

      Actually, I've done some further testing, and it seems that your attack cooldown time seems to get "locked" at the beginning of an attack. It's supposed to be dynamic, right?
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      • #4
        I am not entirely sure how it should work. I think it requires a little more dota 1 investigation tbh.

        Logical (UNTESTED) way would be: Store %of attack completed, and when attack speed changes continue from that %age.
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        • #5
          added to sticky.
          Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

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          • #6
            Okay, I've tested this with the test map (alternating between -80 agi and 400 agi), and it seems to be as I predicted before:

            Store %attack done, and speed up/slow down based on that.

            What I believe is happening is that attack speed NEVER changes during frontswing/backswing and is static at whatever it started at.

            So this bug is a lot bigger than it appears, and is related to all attack speed changes that happen during any stage of an attack. I will still have to work out what's happening with BAT, but don't have much time near a computer with dota 2 on it, sadly enough.
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            • #7
              This should be renamed, because it's any frontswing / backswing. Hey valve, you need to fix this for Legion Commander. Otherwise the passive WILL NOT WORK!
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              • #8
                Isn't that exactly the same bug as naix casting rage during an autoattack (thus increasing the as only for next hit, and not current ?)
                Or again with troll's passiv ?


                • #9
                  It is. I didn't notice that there was a naix bug, and also has the troll passive one ever been proven?
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                  • #10
                    well, i noticed that every single spell that change current attack speed during an actual attack, is actually only aftecting next attack. (easy to check the difference between dota1 and dota2 with naix rage)
                    On troll, it makes an HUGE difference to how his passiv works. since you get the as only for next attack.
                    So first hit, you have nothing (dota1 you have almost +20% -you get as very early in the attack animation-)
                    Second hit, you have 20% (dota1 you have almost +40%....)

                    But I think some people already made some table with troll.
                    I'll try to find the post about troll, and i can send a vid for naix

                    Edit: the naix bug might be rage not canceling the attack animation. i didn't made great shot in trying to make the vid. But at least as a naix player, the way how rage works in dota2 always shocked me.

                    Edit2: here is troll case (not table i mentionned earlier)
                    Surprisingly, the thread is tagged as "incorrect" while no1 did ever write that it was wrong.
                    ThoAppelsin even gave a suggestion of how to correct it to mimic dota1 behaviour, while keeping the broken attack speed change behaviour that we have currently
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                    • #11
                      The best way to test this would be to start attacking enchantress and then activate rage mid-hit... But yeah, troll's passive is probably wrong too, IMO it needs a side by side video. With melee and ranged trolls.
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                      • #12
                        I cann't do a side side vid (ive only windows movie maker), i did one, dota1 followed by dota2, and i had like 0.5 sec difference after 10 hit.

                        Btw, as far as i remember rage will dispel enchantress untouchable, so it will not work.
                        Mb with an enemy shiva nearly, so the bonus as is more noticeable


                        • #13
                          No, that's the point though. It should dispel it and give bonus attack speed, but it will still take forever for you to do your hit, which is WRONG. (theorycrafting atm, but I will test it tonight)
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