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[Confirmed] Illusions Casting Spirit Lance Face Wrong Angle And Other Minor Issues

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  • [Confirmed] Illusions Casting Spirit Lance Face Wrong Angle And Other Minor Issues

    Which is to say, they face the right angle, which is wrong.

    DotA 1:
    • All illusions face the same angle as Phantom Lancer, regardless of their angle to the target (the fake Lance flies in the correct direction regardless).
    • They do not use Turn Rate to face this angle, and instead instantly face this angle. They use turn rate when turning back to their previous action.
    • The animation is interrupted almost instantly by any order (like their next attack), and isn't even noticeable if their order was move. Lance always flies out regardless.

    Dota 2:
    • All illusions face the target, regardless of Phantom Lancer's facing angle.
    • They do use turn rate to face this angle.
    • They appear to only turn at all if they don't already have an order. This may simply be their change in facing angle being instantly nullified by their current order, and appeared similar in DotA 1. They always carry out the full casting animation regardless of their order, and the order is still executed regardless of animation (Illusions moving will slide across the ground, dragging their lance through the earth. Illusions attacking will happily stab the ground at their current target, and their target will mysteriously take regular auto-attack damage anyways.).
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    The illus just should behave exactly like original Phantom Lancer. That just makes sense. They should return to their last order after PL fully finished casting, including backswing until he cancels that. And the facing to the target should stay.

    But w/e, opinions.
    Please, just call me buny.


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      ok. so in short, what's the impact to gameplay/balance etc? if i understand correctly, the impact is trivial..


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        i believe most of this is intended.
        but the illusions should not be autoattacking while performing their fake cast animation.
        added to the sticky for that last part.
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          Originally posted by Eric37073 View Post
          ok. so in short, what's the impact to gameplay/balance etc? if i understand correctly, the impact is trivial..
          In dota 2, it's a little bit harder to determine which PL is real when he lances, and there's going to be more backswing. He's definitely worse off.
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            My argument is that the illusions could have been made to face the target in DotA 1, but they weren't, for whatever reason, but whatever. I'll just report bugs.