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[Confirmed] Knock-back effects are redeemable by Slark's Dark Pact

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  • [Confirmed] Knock-back effects are redeemable by Slark's Dark Pact

    Run into Power Cogs with Dark Pact

    Result: Knock-Back is getting redeemed with dark pact and you get multiple zaps
    Expected Result: Knock-Back distance should fully executed without being redeemed.

    edit: thought it is doable with purge effects aswell but tested it after ebtox's post. needs title rework

    dark pact is doing more than i suspected

    1. Get Morphling's Adaptive Strike (is kinda instant in DotA 1)/Batrider's Flamebreak/Ezalor's Blinding Light/Darkseer's Vacuum/Spirit Breaker's Netherstrike, Greater Bash, Charge of the Darkness(/Storm Spirit's Vortex), Rexxar's Primal Roar
    2. Try to push Slark while he is performing his Dark Pact Pulses

    Result: Slark ends the Knock-Back
    Expected Result: Dark Pact should not affect those Knock-Backs
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    Can the same be done with diffusal?


    • #3
      ok not purgeable but redeemable with dark pact
      „Die Kinder von heute kennen kein Vaterunser, dafür aber Deinemudder.“


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        redeemable probably isn't the right word :P I don't even know how valve manages stuff like this... They're not even buffs!
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        • #5
          I suppose its just a "Power Cogs Knockback prevents actions, therefore Power Cogs knockback must be a stun, and Dark Pact removes stuns, therefore Dark Pact should remove Power Cogs knockback"...


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            Originally posted by Wyn-Ryder View Post
            redeemable probably isn't the right word :P I don't even know how valve manages stuff like this... They're not even buffs!
            was just using the same shitty word like in playdota
            „Die Kinder von heute kennen kein Vaterunser, dafür aber Deinemudder.“


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              added to sticky.
              dont like redeemable either, but if it's the coined word, then so be it.
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                This is a really annoying bug that happened to me against Nature's Prophet today. I was knocked back by his Sprout but I didn't realize Dark Pact knocked me back again. I knew that I was knocked back, but I couldn't explain it, but this bug report explains it. If it is supposed to interact with knock back mechanics at all as an intended change, I would think it would act more like glimpse or Weaver's ultimate in that it would reverse the knock back, rather than being detrimental. I tend to do a good job of making sure I'm in the sprout with NP but that game had a pretty good NP and he kept me out at least a couple of times and one of those times toward the end of the game the incident occurred.

                NP can already be a very aggravating opponent for Slark in certain situations. Having a bug like this in the game just makes it even harder to fight him. I can only imagine what would happen if they did not fix this bug, but then did fix the bug with the lack of buff removal pulsing...he could potentially go very far back with the knock back! I mean I'm not entirely sure if that's the case, I don't really know what the code looks like exactly, but it wouldn't surprise me.

                They did fix the other bug!

                Replay information:
                I definitely got knocked back multiple times by my own Dark Pact. It somehow miraculously performed the very minor knock back from Sprout multiple times(seems like about ten times) and it actually made a very beautiful trail of purple. So unless you want to take the risk of Slark accidentally taking ~10 times the cog zapping, don't play Slark against Clockwerk for now.

                I knew some weird stuff was going on, but I never expected this all of a sudden. Don't they believe in using the test client, anymore? Oh well.

                Oh, I think they might've fixed this bug, now as well. I couldn't reproduce it.
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