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[Confirmed] Doom doesn't prevent item dropping/pickup

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  • [Confirmed] Doom doesn't prevent item dropping/pickup

    1. Activate Armlet with your Hero (best effect is when you have really low hp)
    2. Get Doomed with your hero
    3. If you are Low HP simply drop Armlet under your Hero and pick it up again

    Result: You will receive HP through Armlet
    Expected Result: You should be unable to drop items while doomed

    „Die Kinder von heute kennen kein Vaterunser, dafür aber Deinemudder.“

  • #2
    You shouldn't be able to pick up runes either.
    Please, just call me buny.


    • #3
      i know
      but this interaction is kinda worse imo
      „Die Kinder von heute kennen kein Vaterunser, dafür aber Deinemudder.“


      • #4
        I'm sure that you know. I just wanted to throw that one in, too.
        Even while doomed, runes can still have a big effect. Escaping with haste or invis, turning the fight around with DD, denying self with illus. Even that short regen from regen rune between the damage ticks can help. And runes in games are more common then armlets ._.
        Please, just call me buny.


        • #5
          added to sticky.
          Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

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          My Suggestion: Coaching System
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          • #6
            Doomed gem carrier

            The thing is that when you cast DOOM on enemy, it disables the Gem of True Sight true vision.
            But the bug is that the Doomed enemy can actually drop the Gem or pass it to nearby ally so the vision is still granted.
            fix it please=)


            • #7
              Working as intended.
              Originally posted by Crowfeather
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              in the middle of my game, I go to the menu, and watch a friend's game. That makes no sense to me.
              Originally posted by twl04046
              Sometimes the zeus ulti suddenly activated and it really scared me...


              • #8
                The armlet interaction doesn't work like that anymore at least.
                You no longer get 500hp to toy with when you drop/pick up the armlet, instead you drop 500hp which is worse