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[Confirmed] Multiple Pugna netherwards nether flare can affect the same target

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  • #31
    So what is the point of the thread ? That 2 wards should not flare the same target, but can flare 2 different targets or that only one flare should be triggered ?
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      Originally posted by Dbri View Post
      Why should I prove anything to you? Who the hell are you?

      I'm not going to comply to your request unless you post your Match IDs where you play Techies with Assault Curiass, at least 5, or you're grounded young man.
      You claim that refresher is fundamental to his gameplay, back up your statement.

      Besides Assault Curiass works perfectly on techies.

      Also, imxtrabored, trigger should run after 0 seconds to prevent the stupidity of mana getting healed instantly or a sudden loss of mana due to say mana burn.

      And it can be coded to for it to be stackable with refresher, requires a little trick, you double the intensity of the netherward and make an aura triggered heal for this type of damage (it activates on cast point and deactivates after 0 seconds), if the unit is under the influence of 2 netherwards you deactivate the aura.

      Did not test it but should work, unless the netherward damages before cast point, then it could be troublesome.
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      • #33
        It was like this in Warcraft Dota. Refresher Pugna double wards target for 2x damage (each of the 2 wards can react to same target which casts the spell). I don't know why would anyone bother with fixing something which ain't broken. If you have the luxury and actually purchase refresher on Pugna, you are pretty much winning the game. About the mana drain aura, I am not certain.
        Last edited by GoD_Tyr; 07-10-2013, 11:26 PM.


        • #34
          It did not work like this in Warcraft DotA.

          Trigger can't run after 0 seconds since that stupid thing I posted needs to detect mana lost, and anyways it needs to shock them before mana is spent anyways, so yeah I just forget things.

          Your thing sounds like it would work, and I can't believe I didn't think of just using a doubly strong Mana Flare (don't do it on cast point though, just do it on damage sourced from Nether Ward). It still has all the problems of Triggered Heals, but those are niche enough so whatever.

          I bet this won't be fixed anyways.


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            Originally posted by Quiesce View Post
            Auras don't stack
            the first three words of your post were wrong, it might be a sign that you should stop posting


            • #36
              Originally posted by rainwalker34 View Post
              the first three words of your post were wrong, it might be a sign that you should stop posting
              Implying I meant different auras.