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Abaddon's 'Curse of Avernus' passive, works/stacks with 'Orb of Venom'?

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  • Abaddon's 'Curse of Avernus' passive, works/stacks with 'Orb of Venom'?

    Abaddons 'Curse of Avernus' passive works/stacks perfectly with 'Orb of Venom' in Dota 2, is this intended?
    (Its overpowering)

    Because in Warcaft's 3 Dota map, The skill and item share a buff placer and I do not think they stack.

  • #2
    This was discussed a lot already in the Test Client section.
    You are right, it doesn't stacks in DotA 1.
    But in DotA 2, Curse of Avernus is capable of stacking with Orb of Venom (it is an Unique Attack Modifier) and Lifesteal (Morbid Mask, Helm of the Dominator, Mask of Madness, Satanic).
    So, basically, you can have CoA, OoV and lifesteal items, and they all would work. And it's intended.


    • #3
      But a single meele hero who gains movement speed upon marking a target, while also having a passive ability of slowing down enemy heros on hit by 20% (from 'Curse of Avernus') + 12% (from 'Orb of Venom') = 34% (in total) is Overpowering.

      (Ty for the reply)

      Note: I was easily chasing heros who had no way to run after I hit them, all the while having phase boots (and one time Mask of Madness)


      • #4
        Ever seen OmniKnight with an OoV, phaseboots and MoM?
        40% slow, faster than a cruise missile, magic immune, physical immune, add armlet and he'll hit like a truck too.
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        • #5
          Originally posted by Double_DeluXe View Post
          Ever seen OmniKnight with an OoV, phaseboots and MoM?
          40% slow, faster than a cruise missile, magic immune, physical immune, add armlet and he'll hit like a truck too.
          Now that you mention it, yes I have seen OmniKnight's being played such a way. But OmniKnight doesn't get movement speed or attack speed, nor does his allies who have hit the target.

          Note: Abaddon and anyone who hits the target, do get +15% movement speed.


          • #6
            Orb of Venom is pretty overpowered but this belongs to

            Orbs don't stack (despite the name orb of venom is not an orb).
            Skadi on ranged hero are not orbs. And skadi shouldn't stack with lifesteal on meele hero but it does in DotA 2. (Skadi on range: buff placer, on meele: orb)

            Buff placer stacks with everything.
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            • #7
              Eye of Skadi should stack with Lifesteal on Melee heroes in DotA 2, it's just a misleading tooltip. It's an intended change that Skadi is considered buff placer for Range and Melee heroes.