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  • #46
    Originally posted by raind33r View Post
    People who are curious, draw wasn't possible on war3 DoTA either. Here's a wodota clip of a very close game:

    So, it wasn't same time (but very close thought)


    • #47
      Can we get some sort of confirmation that there is a bug/something wrong?
      Having both ancients destroyed means you have failed the objective: Destroying/defending the ancient. So calling out a winner is weird.
      Maybe we need a fix to make it impossible to have both ancients destroyed. Making a draw option is probably unnecessary since it is a very rare case or even impossible. So pretty much extra work for nothing.

      Also we heard "Radiant victory" but it says "Dire victory" in 1st case. This is a bug.

      (I don't know how to check game ticks so maybe someone can analyse this game:
      Check if both ancients are destroyed in the same tick. If it happened in different ticks which one happened first?)

      Regarding 2nd case: In this case we should have a clear winner since it didn't happen in 1 tick.
      According to Anon49 the Dire's Ancient fell 2 ticks before the Radiant's Ancient. This means it should say Radiant victory but it said Dire victory.

      Originally posted by Zeach on Reddit, also known as M28, owner of
      Both ancients called CDOTAGamerules::SetGameWinner after they were destroyed and the last value prevailed.
      I don't think it is intended that both sides called the SetGameWinner command.
      This also explains why it says Dire victory even though the Radiant's Ancient fell 2 ticks after Dire's Ancient fell.

      Maybe you are right and draw are impossible (though I still fail to understand why).
      Maybe it was one team wrongfully overriding the other team's victory because the game didn't end properly after the first ancient fall thus leading to the second ancient fall.
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      • #48
        If Zeach is right and you manage to destroy the ancients close enough for this bug to happen, the SLOWER team wins? That's idiotic :/
        If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.


        • #49
          Can some1 give me replay? Its already deleted from dota 2
          Dota 2 Content


          • #50
            There is no bug. If you kill an ancient the "Victory" message shows up irrespective whether the game has ended or not.
            Originally posted by Typhox
            Nope. Windows Explorer is not a database
            Take a look into the mirror! You think you are completely unfailable. With your limited knowledge, you think that you know more than someone who is very deep in the matter/an expert.


            • #51
              Originally posted by FinaRGoT View Post
              Can some1 give me replay? Its already deleted from dota 2
              if you mean germanviets here i downloaded it from the dropbox and reuploaded it :P
              If you find spelling errors, you are free to take them.


              • #52
                The easiest way to fix this issue is to make the opposing Ancient invulnerable after one falls.


                • #53
                  Still both bases exploded, even if it is a technical victory for one team, in the lore of DOTA2, the war has just been ended.


                  • #54
                    I know you can die and teleport at the same time, so events like this can happen.

                    Hold on guys, I think I know how to solve this problem.

                    How does the game decide what order heroes die from Sven's cleave?
                    Last edited by Okeado; 11-12-2013, 11:35 AM.


                    • #55
                      ^Closest first?
                      Please, just call me buny.


                      • #56
                        It first has to enumerate them, so if two heroes are at the same distance one will be killed first just because his is earlier in the list.


                        • #57
                          Originally posted by ZzZombo View Post
                          It first has to enumerate them, so if two heroes are at the same distance one will be killed first just because his is earlier in the list.
                          So maybe the game just favors one side over the other in kinda the same way ?


                          • #58
                            Originally posted by shideneyu View Post
                            Awesome ! Valve guys should implement the possibility of a draw.
                            would be cool, just imagine a bo5 tournament final or mb just like Dreamhack with 2-3 draws )


                            • #59
                              The most closest reproduction of draw is starting a local match with bots (you join spectators), then disconnect them all w/ a special command.