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Towers AI goes wrong.And some other AI mechanics.

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  • Towers AI goes wrong.And some other AI mechanics.

    See a lot of wrong action by tower.

    Like an:

    1) Creeps fighting near the tower. In towers aoe.
    2) We have 2 enemy creeps fighting with our creeps. The first one, who nearest the tower got like full hp. The second one got about 100 hp and stay far.
    3) Tower starting to hit the nearest creep.
    4) THEN randomly (after one-two hits on first creep) start to attack the far creep who got low hp.


    In dota 1:

    Tower select the nearest creep and continue attack it till he is dead.

    Some words about other mechanics. AI (like neutrals) should attack the nearest target who attack them and dont go for the "not attacker"


    1) Pick Veno
    2) Skill Ward
    3) Go to the nearest camp
    4) Place ward which can attack creeps.
    5) When ward is attacking neutrals, try to go near the neutrals. They will attack you instead of ward.


    AI selects target by priority and should turn "attackers" as first target.

    Hope you will understand me and change some AIs

  • #2
    To add on, I believe there is aggro trouble with Roshan as well. If you try to solo him with venomancer wards he always attacks the hero first over the wards...


    • #3
      Tower AI is still confusing to me. There are certainly some inconsistencies with it.


      • #4
        y, i exeprienced something like that but it was with the hero and mi creeps. we were all alone with the tower hiting him, and he switched attack between targets.


        • #5
          Yeah, this AI totally works wrong in some situations. Really hard to knew whats going on when u think its like in old dota.


          • #6
            Match ID : 915204 Minute : 5:00 and then on , on replay bar

            Description : When I go in firefly near the tower to harass opponent hero without attacking him , I got aggro from tower.This should not happen , furthermore towers are really buggy because they change priority on who to hit randomly at times ( rather rare ) , and they always change priority on creeps depending who is the lower creep so the tower would last hit it and mess up your last hits in return...

            BTW : I analyzed replay 5 times because at one point I attacked the ground , but I watched on 0.25x Speed if and when I attacked ground should the tower change priority , as well as If the tower was just finishing a kill on a creep . This wasn't the case , if you watch closely you will see that the tower has already started attacking a full hp dire creep , and the instant I turned on FireFly I draw aggro on my hero from the tower , again I mention , without attacking ANYTHING .
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              Can we at least get a confirm tag on this?
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              • #8
                in my private observation i noticed that tower atack creeps or heroes in the order of appearance in tower range (ofcourse under the condition that no1 change status quo - i mean, no changing targets, epsecially atacking enemy hero or reagro targets by right clicking on alied units)

                if there is 5 creeps aproching to the tower and your hero is getting in to the tower range as 2nd - tower will start atacking after killing first one



                • #9
                  I would also like this confirmed.

                  Wave of 4 melee, 1 ranged and 1 siege attacking the tower :

                  1 - Tower will sometimes hit ranged creep instead of melee creep, not sure if depending on current hp.
                  2 - If a hero pulls the wave behind the tower, siege cannot be pulled and it will hit the tower.
                  3 - Tower then thinks hero defense is a priority and ignores the siege unless others are killed or pulled out of range.


                  1 - It should always kill melee creep 1st, then ranged and after that, siege. Unless melee changes target and ranged keeps attacking.
                  2 - Siege can be pulled and will attack the hero that pulled regardless of tower.
                  3 - Tower should kill the siege 1st and then assist the hero. Tower attacker used to be tower priority.

                  Need some more testing tbh, because it may or may not happen all the time, could be a glitch or something.


                  • #10
                    ^It depends on what's hitting the tower, which is correct IIRC, if the melees are hitting other creeps, but the ranged are not then the ranged units get targetted, working the same...

                    I will look at this in more detail when I get working internet + dota 2 in the same place :P
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