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[Intended?] Riki's backstab damage misses against evasion

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  • [Intended?] Riki's backstab damage misses against evasion

    So as the title says, Riki's backstab dammage misses against targets with evasion.
    For example, you are riki and you are ganking a jungling phantom assassin, u hit her with an attack that backstabs, she takes no dammage if it misses.
    This is due to dota2 making riki's backstab and his original dammage 1 hit so it either completely misses or hits.
    In dota 1 the backstab dammage is applied even if the attack misses.

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    Probably an intended fix, just like it not applying at the start of the attack anymore. Same goes for Bara, Spectre and PL.
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        well, it makes more sense this way :P
        but the link u posted is for invis breaking backstab, is it the same for riki's backstab?


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          No they are not the same thing. Though both should be not evadable according to DotA1 and both share the same name.
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            There was also a discussion about this related to other on-attack triggers. Specifically, Spectre's Desolate is not evaded, but Backstab is, despite them being functionally similar in DotA 1.

            At the very least, all such effects should be consistent. We can't consider this an intended change unless all the effects have been changed in a consistent way. As is effects that are similar in DotA 1 behave differently in DotA 2.


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              Yeah. I can confirm that desolate cannot be evaded in dota 2. But I like spectre not being able to miss her desolate :P
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                was just playing riki again, and if you hover your mouse over his backstab and press alt
                the tooltip in green says "Bonus dammage from backstab can not be evaded"
                so now i dont think its an intended fix :P


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                  Originally posted by Ricapica View Post
                  was just playing riki again, and if you hover your mouse over his backstab and press alt
                  the tooltip in green says "Bonus dammage from backstab can not be evaded"
                  so now i dont think its an intended fix :P
                  Most of the extra tooltips in green are just infos directly taken from PD, even when it behaves different in Dota2. Some are outdated aswell. Mirana's arrow says that it doesn't stun invisible units for example, but it does.

                  E: Moving this to brainstorming as the official thread about attack effects which apply at the start of an attack in DotA1, but at the damage point of the attack in Dota2.
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