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Orb effect attacks, blink dagger

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  • Orb effect attacks, blink dagger

    1. Please make creeps and towers aggro at the orb attacks (huskar, traxex, bone, viper), bc its abuse from dota 1 mechanics limit. Its old and have no rational explanation. Try win mid lane pudge vs huskar for example - its impossible bc of strange orb mechanics.

    2. Also make avaible kelen dagger for pudge and venge. If pudge want swap enemy/friend to cliff area, pudge just will make a force staff. So why ban blink dagger? It will be fun and new opportunities

    Discuss and sorry for bad english

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    Pudge doesn't have Blink Dagger in WC3 DotA because his hooks changes relativly to his position. (This is why you could do curve hooks.)
    Pudge won't and doesn't have Blink Dagger in DotA 2 because you hook your target to the position of Pudge the moment it latches. This means you can blink and hook.

    Venge doesn't have Blink Dagger since she can simply shift queue swap + blink. This means she isolates an enemy perfectly (better than Batrider who was always picked or banned in TI3) without dieing. Forcestaff doesn't guarentee this.

    Orb walking is balanced as it is now. In casual scene it might be OP but DotA 2 balances around the competetive scene.
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      Balance discussions ->, and there is no evidence that aggro is a limitation of WC3 engine.


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        U cant use force staff in half way of hook in dota 2(possible in dota 1, extend hook range), so make dagger cancelled while hook is in the air. why not?

        shifting swap and dagger takes about 1 sec to react; its far enought to hit venge with any dmg to canel her dagger. anyway noone plays venge at pro level in dota 2, so .. why ban dagger for 2 heroes when BKB is more unballanced now then any other item


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          Last warning: go to playdota for balance discussions. If you continue I'll report your thread.


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            i want answers from many players and moderators, not from you "buddy", so go to playdota if u want


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              Originally posted by mikerock View Post
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              i want answers from many players and moderators, not from you "buddy", so go to playdota if u want
              how about go fuck yourself, he obviously knows much more about how these forums work than you do

              that being said he's absolutely right, balance discussions don't belong here. why don't you try reading before you post every once in a while?


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                Originally posted by mikerock View Post
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                i want answers from many players and moderators, not from you "buddy", so go to playdota if u want
                Originally posted by ZzZombo View Post
                Balance discussions ->
                If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.


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                  Balance discussions >
                  Before posting a bug read the Bug posting guidelines first and check the Known Bugs list For existing bugs.

                  Use the report () button when you need help from a Moderator.