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Courier not placing items in stash correctly

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  • Courier not placing items in stash correctly

    Sorry, couldn't find this via Search Function, so I'll create a new thread here instead.

    Whenever I buy items from the secret shop via courier, I order it to put my stuff in my stash (E by default) because my teammates use it a lot. However, I noticed one time that the items I bought weren't put in my stash, but instead simply placed on the ground. And note that I have absolutely nothing in my stash, or sometimes only 1 item, never full. What's worse, it sometimes ends up near the fountain entrance which could prove deadly if an enemy was able to get there since the fountain doesn't reach that spot. However, this bug is not consistent. Sometimes it would work perfectly the first few times, do this, and then would fix itself the next few tries. I've noticed this because this happened to me for around 3 out of 10 games.

    Repro Steps:
    1. Buy a courier, upgrade it to flying courier;
    2. Order it to go to your respective secret shop;
    3. Buy anything from the secret shop;
    4. Order the courier to place items in your respective stash (E by default)

    It sometimes doesn't get placed in the stash but on the ground instead.

    Expected Result:
    It should be placed in the stash.

  • #2
    Did you check if your allies didn't drop the items on the ground?


    • #3
      Originally posted by ZzZombo View Post
      Did you check if your allies didn't drop the items on the ground?
      Yep. It even happens in offline bot practice matches. But as stated, it still isn't consistent.


      • #4
        Hey guys, sorry for bumping this, but this time, I have a Match ID wherein this "bug" is happening.

        Here's the Match ID: 297862906 @ the 38min mark.

        I was playing the Nature's Prophet and we were fighting a losing game, and I was trying to put my newly bought Point Booster into my stash, and then it just wouldn't put it, as I have stated. I have spent almost 1 min trying to put it into my item into my stash and it just wouldn't.

        I hope somebody would see this


        • #5
          I can confirm this. Happened to me just now. Match ID: 299314217

          Items would get splayed on the ground upon issuing 'Return Items' despite the stash being empty. It further caused the aghanim's scepter I was building to not assemble. After 1min of shuffling items in and out of inventory/stash/ground it assembled properly. First time I've ever encountered this. Not as much of an issue as being very annoying.