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Why we can buy unlimited couriers ??

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  • Why we can buy unlimited couriers ??

    Q: Why we can buy unlimited couriers in the game?

    I'm pretty sure the answer is: Because Valve doesn't care But maybe in case im wrong and if there is actually a logical reason behind being able to buy unlimited couriers i would like to know it please.

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    Why not oO
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      Originally posted by Kryil- View Post
      Why not oO
      Because of trolls maybe ? They buy couriers with all their money and then they feed the enemy team with couriers... Happens all the time.


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        Amount of couriers that can be bought should be limited. We didnt even have the "concept of the courier" in my days of first DotA. There are many solutions:

        1) There maybe maximum of 2 couriers in each team (alive or dead doesnt matter)


        2) Each player can buy up to 1 courier.


        3) Maybe make couriers shareable/private... So that players in the team can take control back if a troll is feeding the couriers.


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          Originally posted by Dark Side View Post
          Because of trolls maybe ? They buy couriers with all their money and then they feed the enemy team with couriers... Happens all the time.
          and what is different from buying other useless stuff and feeding 1 courier? Further dead courier while 1 courier is already dead don't give any bounty at all.

          besides if a player wants to grieve, he will, and none of your "solutions"will change that. i don't even think it will change anything at all. (besides #3, but for the love of god pls dont, that would make things overall so much worse)
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            I assume you can buy unlimited couriers in WC3, so


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              Couriers are good for more than just bringing items to your team, you can jungle with couriers:

              They are also great distractions and good for feeding the enemy tons of gold.
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              • #8
                much better question: why not?

                (and don't tell me, because of trolls - they will find a way to grief games, you can't restrict everything. it's even kinda fun if an enemy buys 10 couriers and send them to you)


                • #9
                  Courier bounty is bugged and the killer gets 175 gold per courier they kill, but the team only gets it while no courier is dead.
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                    Hell, you can *dupe* couriers with Zet in dota 1, an actual limit on only having one isn't even close to happening
                    If couriers could have mana pools like they do in dota 1, having multiples of them would be a lot more valuable than it is now


                    • #11
                      Man I miss the dagon crow golden days...
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