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Invoker has animations for his spells

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  • Invoker has animations for his spells

    I haven't seen this on the buglist: when you cast a spell as Invoker, there is an animation, he pulls his arms in front of him. However, if I recall correctly, Invoker had no casting animation whatsoever in dota 1. This may seem quite unimportant but it makes the difference when you try to sunstrike an enemy in a 1 v 1 early game, since he knows when you cast the spell.

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    In DotA 2 Invoker also has no cast time. He indeed has cast animation and it is an improvement in visual.

    Cast animation however can be cancelled. E.g. by shift queuing an orb.
    edit: I read on Reddit it could be canncelled.. Tested it myself. Didn't work.
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      Remove the [confirmed] tag, insane man who doesn't know the God's moderative Wrath !


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        Moderative Wrath!

        Moved thread. You guys are still free to discuss this.

        Please don't put a [Confirmed] tag by yourself. This is important for our cataloging efforts.
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          Yes, i'm talking about the casting animation. I see your point, but it doesn't stand in the scenario i refer to: in 60-70% of my games, during the laning phase, when my enemy is at 2/3 of his life i usually go for a cold snap and if he fools around taking a bit too much damage i sunstrike to get the kill, but he usually dodges (seeing me cast the spell). This also happens during early ganks or small early skirmishes. Furthermore, when i play against an invoker and i see him pull his arms, i immediately shout to my friends 'sunstrike!!' and this has saved them soooo many times....

          Now that i think about it, i would actually suggest removing the casting animation when Invoker casts sunstrike (and ONLY that spell).

          A similar thing happens when you invoke (I don't think it had an animation either), but this has not made any difference to me yet so I don't mind it.

          PD:sorry for the confirmed, didn't know it
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            Or just make the animation get fully canceled by the next order.
            Please, just call me buny.