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Though on new mordiggian cooldown ?

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  • Though on new mordiggian cooldown ?

    I personnaly find that the (0.1?) sec cd when you toggle off armlet is pretty long, and more than 90% of the time my double "click" does not work, and i can see a wonderfull 0.1 in red.

    So imo, we should either :
    • Lower that cooldown, (I think a lot of people already made the watch chrono test, and achieved under 0.10 sec, even thought the button on the watch ain't as reactive as one of the keyboard).
    Indeed that change was against macro user, but human can do much better than 0.1 sec for a double tap

    • Put also a cooldown after toggling on (also 0.1? sec) so when we spam like crazy cause our armlet doesn't want to toggle in, we don't end in double tap it on then off immediately


    • Simply unallow the use of macro allong the console, like it has been done for range circle.
    They might counter it with external prog, but they might fall in what "first blood" news stated, 30 day ban, right ?

  • #2
    It's much lower than .1, closer to .07.

    What they should do is just have it so that if you toggle it faster than the cooldown, it will toggle it as fast as the cooldown allows. A cooldown on turning it back off would also work.

    They can't disallow the use of the macro in the console because the only commands it involves are the normal item bind commands.

    External macro programs aren't detected by VAC, only things that actually mess around with the dota 2 process.
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    • #3
      With ping lower than 20 new cooldown is not annoying but when ping about 70 every double tap is failing / so now i must use macro programs with 190ms delay/ or die with red 0.1 message {or just forget about armlet}. ( local game/ ping 0/ macro program toggling fine with delay 75ms)
      May be if dota client (not server) will control armlet cd problem will dissapear.


      • #4
        I saw about 0.07s as my minimum toggle time as well. If I don't intentionally slow down, I will toggle too quickly about half the time (i.e. toggle fails and I get red cooldown message). The change IS affecting normal/legitimate toggling. Valve really should have put more effort into this fix.
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        • #5
          Just unfair- someone, who have lower ping , has great advantage with armlet. they still have armlet life saving thing, and someone with higher ping always failing with armlet toggling.


          • #6
            if i remember it right you can 'toggle' armlett by dropping it on ground and picking it up again which makes the change with cooldowns on toggle kinda semifixed
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            • #7

              Here, see the suggestion of Radiofall.