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Armlet Toggle Suggestion

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  • Armlet Toggle Suggestion

    For a lot of us who play heroes that rely on armlets it's a wicked PITA to try and toggle using the new delay. Toggling it too fast causes that second click to be in the window of time that's supposed to block scripts and macros. OK, that's fine, but the problem is if you toggle it too fast that second click doesn't register at all.

    Here's my suggestion: Enforce a minimum delay, but don't ignore a keypress if it's in the delay window.

    Assume the game ignores armlet toggles faster than 0.2 (I don't know the actual delay, I'm just guessing). Say you can toggle armlet in 0.15s. Despite the fact that you are legitimately toggling the armlet without using a script or macro, the game will ignore the second keypress leaving you at 1hp until you realize you didn't actually toggle the armlet by which point you are most likely dead. Forcing the player to purposefully slow down armlet toggling is really the only option we are left with. However, if instead of ignoring the keypress the game just enforced a minimum delay of 0.2s, players wouldn't run into this issue. If you can toggle it in 0.15s, great. if you can do it in 0.1s, no problem. The game should make up for the amount of time between how fast you toggled it vs. the minimum delay.

    So if you toggle it in 0.15s, the game should do this:
    • Acknowledge that you pressed the key a second time. Don't ignore it.
    • Get the difference in time between how fast the user toggled and the minimum delay: 0.2 - 0.15 = 0.05 seconds.
    • Toggle the armlet after the difference in time is added to when the user pressed the key
    • The armlet is now toggled 0.15 + 0.05 seconds later (or 0.2s)

    As a result, legit players are no longer penalized for being able to armlet toggle, and those who do use scripts are bound by the same restrictions as everyone else.

    Don't take this as me defending scripts and macros. I hate them just as much as everyone else. But if someone with a macro can only toggle as fast as someone who can do it without one, then that makes things a lot more fair. The purpose of this is NOT to allow or encourage the use of scripts, it's to ensure that everyone is bound by the same rules. Scripts and macros are something that will exist no matter what. We can see what happened when Valve tried to stop the use of them by adding this in: scripts no longer work (good) but good players can no longer efficiently toggle (bad).
    Originally posted by Hitokiri Battousai
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    Wrong section, can a mod for this for me?
    Originally posted by Hitokiri Battousai
    Firstly hi, i am not a racist but really i hate all of russians....


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        Great suggestion, it should toggle as soon as 0.2 seconds passed if you did it faster.


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          This sounds like a really good solution.
          Please, just call me buny.


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            please valve implement this! should have been done like this from the start.


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              The 'legit armlet toggling' problem that we all had since the First Blood patch has been hotfixed with yesterdays 50MB patch.
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                yeah it's much better, but personnaly i still achieve 1 time on 3 to get blocked by the cd.
                (and 9 time on 10 if i really try to toggle very fast to get the cd message error).

                So i will not say fixed, but i would rather say that now it is acceptable


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                  PLEASE fix this
                  there is no reason to abuse armlet now, because you can die if you just toogle it too fast
                  OMG its so stupid. So i must spend about 1sec to realize that i toogle it to fast and click it again (spend about 1sec more)? So just buy fu(king urn that cost a lot lesser than armlet and you gonna disable armlet at all!


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                    Please I support this.


                    • #11
                      Implement !


                      • #12
                        Well, this is redundant after the 6.79 change.
                        Please, just call me buny.


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                          Originally posted by bu3ny View Post
                          Well, this is redundant after the 6.79 change.
                          Not at all. There is still a cooldown:

                          Hopefully it's just an oversight.


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                            Originally posted by Warrition View Post
                            Not at all. There is still a cooldown:

                            Hopefully it's just an oversight.
                            ...armlet cooldown is now 0 in update 2.