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What decides who casts first in Dota 2?

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  • What decides who casts first in Dota 2?

    What decides who casts his spell first? Yesterday I was doing a last hit/deny practice with my buddy, we both played OD on mid against each other, and EVERY TIME he casted AI first if we both had it on cooldown and we both casted it against each other at the same time. It was the same in situation when we were both out of range of AI, our heroes start moving against each other and he always managed to get it first. It was a 15-minute match and I did not manage to cast AI first even one time.

    I mean, even in situation, where he was doing last hits and did not shift-queue AI on me, and I did cast AI out of range and my hero was moving to him, he stil managed to get it first, he was having a laugh on Skype on how it wasn't even random or anything.

    What is the reason for this?

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    My guess is your friend who kept casting it was on radiant?
    Originally posted by Hitokiri Battousai
    Firstly hi, i am not a racist but really i hate all of russians....


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      I made some test, (with double lion) and depending on the angle, i had surprising result, one lion at 11 hour and an other one at 5 hour, i had always the one at 11 hour hexing first (I did only 20 test thought -that's not a lot-) i had same result for 10 hour and 4 hour.

      So it's might be the position that decide, or it's just totally random and my very few test did not showed it


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        My guess is it's based on who is in what spot. Given both heroes have some time to move cast so lag isn't a problem, and one doesn't have a vision advantage over the other, I would think that whoever is ordered first is the one who gets it off. If you're to consider every player to have a number assigned to them, 1 - 10 where 1 is first radiant player and 10 is last dire player, then when you're doing a loop the person who comes first in that order should theoretically be the one who gets it off first.
        Originally posted by Hitokiri Battousai
        Firstly hi, i am not a racist but really i hate all of russians....


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          What about the fact both heroes have to turn before they can cast their spells? One might end turning faster because of position etc and thus win the race.


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            Originally posted by ZzZombo View Post
            What about the fact both heroes have to turn before they can cast their spells? One might end turning faster because of position etc and thus win the race.
            As OP mentioned, both started casting out of range -> turning is done way before the cast happens.
            Going to test this now :x

            EDIT: I just took two Lions. Both out of range, used Hex onto each other. It was completly random who hexed first. Don't think there is any pattern, it's simply random.
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              Unfortunately I can't seem to find this match in my Dotabuff profile as it was being played in a lobby. I was on Dire side, he was playing Radiant.


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                Very interesting topic. It can be like this because of position on the map (as mentioned before), or because Radiant/Dire side, or because who picked first, or maybe it's because of ping (who had less ping in your practice game?). Only Valve knows how they coded it.

                But tests are very interesting.

                Added: Just tested in lobby (not local) with OD's and seems like it's kinda random no matter who started casting first or position on the map. But I can't test myself if it's related to the ping.
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                  This is actually a very interesting question, mechanics wise.


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                    It is, and the same question could probably go for WC3.
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